Where to Find Fortnite Boar

Where to Find Fortnite Boar ; of Fortnite yeni Chapter 2 Season 6  The Week 2 challenge expects players to tame a boar, but to tame one, players must first find one.

Fortnite In the newest round of their challenges, players will animals find housebreak will have to. New for season 6 Fortnite Like the addition of their bosses and legends, it looks like animal eggs will be an important part of the rest of this season. However, a Fortnite Boar taming  For this, players will need to find one first.

New Creatures on the Map

There are several new NPC animal spawn mobs on the map. Players can now find wolves, wild boars, frogs and chickens. When these creatures are killed, in Fortnite Drops materials that can be used for new crafting such as making cloaks, Primal and Mechanical weapons, and upgrades. However, each of these creatures can be tamed to fight on the side of the player who is befriending them, giving players an advantage when within melee range.

Finding a Boar

Fortnite Boar taming For this, players will need to find them first. These new Season 6 Fortnite NPCs can spawn almost anywhere on the map, but there are guaranteed spots where a few of these pigs can become friends.

The best place to look is the boar barn at Colossal Crops Farm.

Fortnite Boar
Where to Find Fortnite Boar

Players will always see three wild boars spawn in that area. However, wild boar can spawn almost anywhere on the map. also Pleasant Park they tend to appear in and around; Colossal Crops FarmIf the item in ' has already been cleared, players will most likely find at least one wild boar there.

Domesticating the Boar

Wild boar although killing will grant players some materials for crafting, in Fortnite to gain XP wild boar There is a Week 2 challenge that requires them to tame. Fortnite Boar housebreak can be done in two ways. Players can either feed them or create a cloak to make them friendly.

-The first method is probably the simpler of the two. Before walking towards a boar in Fortnite, players must toss some corn at them. Fortnite Boar  While happily eating their snack, players can safely walk up to them without being attacked and press the interaction button to tame them. If the boar finishes eating the corn before the player has had a chance to interact with it, the boar will become aggressive and players may lose a chance to tame it.

-The second method takes a little more time, but it's easy to get a pig to be friendly. guaranteed is a way. First, until the players have two animal bones and one meat NPC should kill animals. From now on, of Fortnite they can make a hunting cloak. This cloak will allow players to walk straight up the boar without triggering an attack. Fortnite Boar Becoming friends with is easy from now on because players no longer have to worry about being hacked.