Apex Legends: 7 Tips for Using Ash | Ash Guide

Apex Legends: 7 Tips for Using Ash | Ash Guide , Ash Skills , Apex Legends: How to Play Ash ; Here are some tips players can use to help them get better with Ash from Apex Legends…

One of the most iconic characters of the Titanfall universe is finally Apex Games joined the staff. A simulacrum mercenary who made his first appearance in Titanfall 2 as one of Kuben Blisk's Apex Predators. ash, is now a playable character in Apex Legends.

Ash's abilities It's great for both solo and team play, making it one of the most versatile legendaries to choose from. Ash's While the barrier to entry is low, players who take the time can get more out of it. Apex Knowing the finer details of a legend's kit can change everything.

Apex Legends: 7 Tips for Using Ash | Ash Guide

1-Coordinate with Movement Legends to Move Insanely Fast

Ash's portal it already allows it to cover enormous distances in a matter of seconds. But combined with the ultimate features of other movement legends, Ash's portal can help reposition a manga faster than it appears. Pathfinder's zipline, Octane's jump ramp or Valkyrie's Skyward Dive combined with Ash's ultimate can more than double the distance a team can travel.

Communication with teammates is essential for this to work, but when teams do this maneuver, the results speak for themselves. Just take a look at this revolving team from Fragment to Harvester on World's Edge.

2-Save the Best for a Fight

Apex Legends: Ash
Apex Legends: Ash

While it's tempting to travel long distances with Ash's portal every time its ultimate charge rises, it's best practice to save it for when it's most needed. Whether Ash's team wins or loses a fight, his portal can come in very handy. Evade certain death to heal behind cover, or use it to reposition or flank enemies where they least expect it.

There are some niche moments where using the ultimate outside of a fight can be useful. Recovering player banners that are about to expire, passing a closing ring, or gaining a high ground while preparing for a fight are just some of the ultimate ways to use Ash's portal.

3-Use Ash's Tactic to Defend the Gates

Ash's Arc Snare will bind enemy players for about 3 seconds and also deal some minor damage. However, it can also be used to temporarily block access to buildings, as the tactic can last for about 8 seconds on the ground.

If you throw the trap in front of a door, most enemies won't dare to go through the door. This can give players the opportunity to detonate a shield battery, reload, or move to a different location. While this strategy is most effective at small entrances, it can also be used at Storm Point on some large gates surrounding what many players call “Jurassic Park” – effectively denying the enemy team a chance to move on to a new POI.

4-Ash Teleport

Apex Legends: Ash
Apex Legends: Ash

Ash Teleporting to the ground will take you far, but players can get even more distance from his ult by aiming it upwards. You don't want to stay too long (being out of bounds for 15 seconds drops players), Ash's Tier Breach can get him all the way to the top of Fragment's skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers are an extreme example, but there are many areas for Ash to teleport that are not out of bounds. Next time you get the chance, try looking up to see if it's out of reach of other legends. It can keep you one step ahead of your opponents, especially during the final rings.

5-Ash's Portal Is A One Way Journey

Ash One of the biggest differences between Wraith's and Wraith's portals is that players cannot travel backwards through Ash's Tier Violation. The Wraith – Apex's original portal placer – can move back and forth between its portals, but must first run around and place them manually. Ash has some compromises on this one: He can instantly teleport to safety while missing his ability to bounce back. Despite some fatal bugs in Ash's portal, Tier Violation is still a solid option for fast moving on a map.

6-Check the Map for Recent Deaths

Apex Legends: Ash
Apex Legends: Ash

Ash's map is a little more special than other legends. Opening the map reveals the location of every killbox in the last few minutes. This extra intelligence can be vital to a team's success. Knowing where your enemies are allows you to plan ahead. For example, if enemies are outside the next circle and near a tight spot on the map, your team can ambush them as they try to advance.

Hovering over the deathbox inside the map will also reveal how long ago that player died. If you're close and the death box has dropped in the last few seconds, this could be the perfect opportunity to third-person the victorious squad. And if players are looking for an S-tier weapon, deathboxes are a great place to look.

7-Mark Enemies Using Death Boxes

Ash's passive ability Marked For Death lets him scan death boxes to track down his killers. Using Marked For Death pings the location of each surviving team member (If no one is alive, the game will notify players that they are all dead). That this works for friendly killboxes too, and Ash's It's important to note that it can help locate a nearby squad. Note that enemies will be warned that they have been found, just as players will be notified when they are caught by Bloodhound scans. Still, this is a great passive ability, far above some of the other legendaries.