How to Use Stardew Valley Barrels

How to Use Stardew Valley Barrels ; Barrels in Stardew Valley, it is one of many elements that transforms one product into another and can be used to significantly increase the value of some items.

Stardew Valley players know that there are many items that can be made to make farm life easier or more profitable. One such item that falls into the latter category is the cask, which can transform various products into artisanal beverages, often greatly increasing the selling price of the product. Stardew Valley Casks Stardew Valley It is almost an essential item to have.

Making Stardew Valley Casks

Stardew Valley Casks Unlocking the crafting recipe for Level 8requires reaching.

After this is done, 30 woods, 1 copper rod, 1 iron rod and 1 part oak resin with a barrel can be prepared. The first three components should be easy to obtain, as players will only need to cut down some logs and/or trees and go mining and then smelting the ore.

A furnace (crafted with 25 stone and 20 copper ore), 5 uniform ore and one piece of coal will be required to melt one rod.

After players have wooden and metal sticks, all they have left is oak resin.

Players will then need to build a tapper that can be made with 3 woods and 40 copper rods after reaching level 2 foraging. It can then be placed in an oak tree to produce oak resin every week.

Using the barrels

Barrels can be used to craft seven different items such as:

  • Bira
  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Juice
  • Honey Liquor
  • Pale Ale
  • Wine


  • Beer, It is produced by placing the wheat in a barrel and keeping it for a day. The beer will be sold for 200 gold.
  • Coffee ; Coffee is produced by placing five coffee beans and waiting for 2 hours. A cup sells for 150 gold. In particular, coffee can be used to increase the player's faster roaming speed.
  • Green teaIt is made using a bunch of tea leaves and letting it sit for 3 hours. Green tea is sold for 100 gold, but can temporarily increase the maximum energy by 4 points in real time for 12 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Juice Placing any vegetable in a barrel and waiting for four days will result in juice whose sale price is 2,25 times the base sale price of the vegetable used.
  • mead ; Processing honey with a barrel will result in mead that sells for 10 gold after 200 hours. Pale ale is created using hops in one to two days and is sold for 300 gold.

Finally, any fruit barrel Using it with will result in wine in 6,25 days, which will be sold at 3 times the base price of the fruit.

Stardew Valley Casks
Stardew Valley Casks

However, tea leaves It is worth noting that obtaining it can be a bit more circuitous than some other items. Tea leaves in Stardew Valley Cindersap Forest'It comes from the tea seedlings that are occasionally sold in the mobile car.

They can also come from Caroline's tea bush, but players must have access to it from her. 2 love hearts must be. Gaining access to this sapling gives players 2 bags of wild seeds, 5 fibers and 5 woods will cause him to send the production recipe to make his own tea seedlings that require

Wine, mead, beer and Pale ale It is also special because after it is produced in a cask, it is made using Stardew Valley casks. quality can be increasedr. Multiple kegs are obtained with the last house upgrade, but 20 woods and 1 hardwood More can be produced using The value of these four drinks will be doubled if they achieve iridium quality using a barrel.


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