Stardew Valley: Where to Find Golden Coconuts | Golden Coconuts

Stardew Valley: Where to Find Golden Coconuts?| Golden Coconuts; Finding and using Golden Coconut in Stardew Valley can provide several benefits. Fortunately, this article has your back!

Stardew Valley has a history of adding a ton of content to it over its lifetime. As part of Update 2020 in December 1.5, players will know that a number of new activities are available to the player. ginger islandThey had the opportunity to explore.

After repairing the boat at Willy's Fish Shop, players can travel to the Fern Islands archipelago and visit this island for a brand new batch of items to harvest or buy. Among the special items on the island, which can be obtained and used in many ways Golden Coconut .

What to Do with Golden Coconut?

Stardew Valley: Golden Coconut
Stardew Valley: Golden Coconut

Golden Coconutare valuable in that they can be broken open in case something is inside. To do this, players must visit Clint the Blacksmith on the right side of Pelican Town, where he will do so for only 25 gold. This is the only way to break the coconut as the Geode Crusher will only crack open Geodes.

The first coconut to open will always have a Golden Nut inside. After that, there are a variety of different items that might be there. This includes:

  • Banana Sapling (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Mango Sapling (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Pineapple Sapling (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Taro Tuber (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Mahogany Seed (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Fossilized Skull (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Iridium Ore (1/7 chance to spawn)
  • Golden Helmet (1/20 chance to spawn, spawn only once)

Golden Coconut can also be made into an item of clothing for players willing to risk giving up the inside prize. Using the Sewing Machine on the coconut, players can get an Island Bikini. It can also be used as a yellow paint in paint containers.

Despite its golden exterior, no one in Stardew Valley would like to receive Golden Coconut as a gift. In fact, everyone will hate it, and it can negatively affect the ratings of these friends. This item is also not for sale, so if players want to do something with it, the best case is to either visit Clint or the Sewing Machine.

How to Find Golden Coconuts

Stardew Valley: Golden Coconut
Stardew Valley: Golden Coconut

of the players 'Golden Coconut'There are several ways they hunt. simple method, Ginger Island'to collect palm trees. By shaking or chopping the tree, there is a small chance for the player to get Golden Coconuts. If the player sees a coconut before shaking the tree, the probability of getting gold is 10%.

Other places to look are digging Artifact Spots on the island or fishing in a Blue Discus Fish Pond with a population of nine or more. at least one Golden Coconut After finding and opening it, players can visit the Island Trader and buy another one for the total price of 10 coconuts.


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