How to Get to Skyrim: Raven Rock

How to Get to Skyrim: Raven Rock , Skyrim: Raven Rock ; Raven Rock is the main hub in Solstheim, the setting for Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC, and getting there is easier than you might think.

Raven Rock , Skyrim with the island of Vvardenfell introduced in the Dragonborn DLC for of Skyrim It is the principal settlement on Solstheim, the huge island between the mainland It's a central hub for players embarking on the Morrowind-themed expansion and features a wealth of unique characters, side quests, and other not-to-miss content.

Question, Raven Rocknot how to reach , but a player to Solstheim How to find a ship to take Although Skyrim is one of the greatest RPGs ever made, it's not possible to swim across the Sea of ​​Ghosts. Raven RockTo reach , players will need to get in a car to the oldest city in Skyrim and then find someone to take them across the water.

Solstheim, Morrowind, and Miraak

Solstheim, Dragonborn is the main setting for the DLC, although some side quests take the player back to the mainland of Skyrim for minor quests. An island once controlled by the Nords and benevolently given to the Dunmer people after the destruction of Red Mountain and the ash fall that soon plagued Vvardenfell.

In Dragonborn DLC, players race against an ancient foe: Miraak, the first Dragonborn, a Dragon Priest and champion of Hermaeus Mora. While the main quest is relatively short, other Solstheim-specific features (like the Telvanni Wizard Neloth and the recently released Ghosts of the Tribunal) make the House Redoran-controlled Raven Rock tour worthwhile.

How to Get to Skyrim Raven Rock and Solstheim

whiterun After defeating the dragon at the nearby watchtower, the players hear the Greybeards summoning them to High Hrothgar. After visiting Greybeards for the first time “The Horn of Jurgen WindcallerContinue the main questline until you get the “I. After that, the Cultists of Skyrim There is a random chance for them to spawn anywhere and face the Dragonborn. directly Raven Rock ve Dragonborn DLCIf you want to go to whiterunThey are guaranteed to appear in . Cultists must leave a note starting the first quest in Dragonborn.

From now on to Windhelm (get in a car with Survival Mode enabled) and head straight to the dock. Look for a Nord named Gjalund Salt-Sage, who owns The Northern Maiden and can often be found wandering around the deck of his ship. Speak to Gjalund, ask him to take you to Solstheim, then bribe, persuade or intimidate him to get him back on the journey. After a short loading screen and intro cutscene Raven Rock'you will arrive!



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