PUBG Mobile Helicopter Bug Set

PUBG Mobile Helicopter Bug Set ;  We will tell you how many tips it costs and how to get it for players who are looking for it. We distribute it as a gift to lucky players who want to have it for free. Yes you heard right PUBG Mobile Among the lucky players who participated in this event, which we prepared specially for the players, Helicopter Beetle Set We are giving gifts. More details are in our article.

PUBG Helicopter Bug Set

Helicopter Beetle Set It is a costume added to the game with the last update and can be purchased with UC. The helicopter beetle set, which is sold as a package as a hat and clothes, is offered for sale at a more affordable price, unlike other packages. When you enter the game, you can buy the set from the store for 150 UC.

Enter the store, click on the Other text, and the price of 1.500 UC with a 90% discount from the price of 150 UC below Helicopter Beetle Set You will see the item as a box. You can buy it from there. However, if you do not have money in your account and you want to buy the costume but cannot buy it, you can apply below. Helicopter beetle set will be given as a gift to the players in the list created from the commenters. We will continue to send these gifts until the sale ends.