Minecraft: How To Make A Secret Door? | Secret Hidden Door

Minecraft: How To Make A Secret Door? | Secret Hidden Door , Minecraft How To Make A Hidden Door? ; For Minecraft players who want to build their own secret base to store loot or hide from mobs, you can find the answer to the question of how to make a secret door in our article.

fans, Minecraft They've seen some pretty remarkable builds, with giant Oreo cookies from the community and full-function calculators that have taken the internet by storm lately. However, unless Sesame Street's own Cookie Monster is added in a future update, the huge sweet cupcakes won't do much to take down attacking mobs or rivals. Fortunately, this is where secret doors come into play, as players can build them to serve as a secret entrance to a base when playing on a Minecraft PvP server where survival is paramount.

Minecraft Hidden ContainerA few necessary steps need to be fulfilled before it can be done. well Minecraft players must be in the Overworld to complete this design, because it cannot exist in the nether. Not only that, but players should do so whenever possible if they don't have the latest version of Minecraft installed. For the uninitiated, updates are done automatically on consoles, although for PC gamers the option is under “downloads and updates” in the Minecraft launcher. However, any version of Minecraft above 1.16. Nether update should also work.

What Materials Are Needed to Build a Secret Door in Minecraft?

Creating Redstone mechanisms in Minecraft can get a little more complicated than most other tasks in the game, as Redstone dust acts as a mineral that can transmit power when placed as a block. Fortunately, build a secret door It's pretty simple and only requires seven types of materials and 19 parts of Redstone dust.

  • Sticky Piston – Eight (8).
  • Button – One (1).
  • Repeater – One (1).
  • Observer – One (1).
  • Redstone Dust – Nineteen (19).
  • Redstone Block – One (1).
  • Redstone Torch – One (1).

The design is mostly accomplished with the use of an Observer, but the downside to this block is that players rely on players with a ton of bone meal on hand. If this becomes an issue in survival mode, any Soul Sand valley in Minecraft's Netherworld will provide plenty of bone blocks that can be harvested.

Minecraft How To Make A Secret Door?

With the materials in the inventory, all that is needed right now is a big dark place to build the entrance to the secret base, like one of Minecraft's cave walls or cliff edges. Once an area is found, equip a pickaxe and draw an upside-down “L” on the wall.

After the players have carved the shape, cover the twist piece of the “L” with a wall of Sticky Pistons stacked on top of each other to form a large two-dimensional square (seen on the left side of the image below). ). Now copy the correct image and place two more pistons in front of the left side of the structure. However, they should face the right side of the previous four pistons, not away.

Minecraft construction is almost finished, dig a 4×4 area above the Pistons. Now create a similar looking “L” shape and line the surface with three pieces of Redstone dust with a Redstone repeater in the middle. This block works as a kind of circuit that will "repeat" to "lock" the Redstone signals in a single state.

Outside, to open the secret door a key task Place a Redstone torch next to the entrance that will see it. Head back inside the huge Minecraft base, dig a room towards the Redstone torch and place a Sticky Piston on the opposite block to the torch. This will activate the Piston and throw its plate forward. Now, stick an observer and then a Redstone block on the plate.

Finally, the above Minecraft As shown in the screenshots, players must now build a ladder towards the original Sticky Piston wall. These small steps will move the Redstone dust and connect the two structures.

Minecraft Secret Door
Minecraft Secret Door

Minecraft Build Secret Door Once completed, players wishing to access the base will need to place a Redstone torch at the predetermined location. Doing so will cause the seemingly normal cave wall to open, easily making this one of Minecraft's most hidden base structures.


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