Minecraft: How to Obtain Elytra

Minecraft: How to Obtain Elytra ; Elytra in Minecraft isn't always easy to take down. Fortunately, this guide will show players how to get it painlessly.

elytra, Minecraft'It's one of the biggest endgame rewards in the game. Even though the Nether Update added Netherite equipment, the use of Elytra kept it from becoming obsolete. Soaring around worlds is a lot of fun, but when you combine them with Fireworks, players have pretty much free flight.

This makes them a great tool for navigating a place like The End and constructing huge buildings in a player's world. Naturally, as an endgame item, it can be pretty hard to come by, and knowing where to go and what to look for is essential for players to get their hands on one.

1- Claim Your Reward (and Some Other Gifts)

Along with the main reward, be sure to look for the ship, as there will be a chest full of Enchanted Diamond gear. That's not all, though, because at the very front of the ship, the Ender Dragon's Head must be an item as rare as the Elytra. This item can be mounted on a wall or worn as a helmet for great effect.

2-Find an End City with a Ship

Minecraft: Elytra
Minecraft: Elytra

The reason players come to this dreary place is to find an End City. These tall and whimsical structures are home to some pretty beautiful Purpur Blocks that are great to build. They are also overrun by Shulkers, who fire projectiles that cause players to soar into the sky. This sounds useful and can be, but be careful, because going too high will cause players to hit the ground hard and die.

However, not all Final Cities contain an Elytra. To be sure, players should look atop the End City for a floating Last Ship, a boat made from Purpur. If it does, that's where Elytra is guaranteed.

3-Travel to The Outer End

When the dragon is defeated, a large portal will open in the middle. This will roll the credits and take the player back to earth, but don't do this. Instead, look to the edge of the island and a small bedrock structure will emerge with a portal in the middle.

Throw an Ender Pearl into this portal (be VERY careful, missing it can cause you to fall into the void) and players will be teleported to the Outer End, where many floating islands are dotted with nothing but Endermen and Chorus Fruit.

4-Defeat Ender Dragon

Minecraft: Elytra
Minecraft: Elytra

As nothing can be achieved while the Ender Dragon is still alive, the battle begins in The End. It's pretty simple to damage it, but it uses the crystals on the pillars to heal it, so these need to be destroyed first. Unprotected ones can be hit by a well-placed arrow, but those in a cage may require more explosive solutions.

Once the Crystals are destroyed, it's pretty easy to smash the Dragon as long as players are careful. Once it lands on the middle Bedrock pillar, it's time to attack, but don't hold back too long, because when it takes off again it will blow players away.

5-Find a Castle and Portal

When everything is ready, players need to find where the portal is, as they cannot be built like a Nether Portal. They will always be kept somewhere in a Fortress structure, with cramped tunnels in the walls and filled with Silverfish.

Eyes of Ender can help here. If a player uses one, it will float in the direction of the Rook. Using one of these occasionally will allow players to slowly settle into their position. Once inside, players must navigate winding corridors and find some treasure along the way before finally seeing the portal.

6-Craft Eyes Of Rare

Minecraft: Elytra
Minecraft: Elytra

Before players can approach an Elytra, they must gather the necessary materials to reach the Finish dimension. The most important of these are Ender's Eyes, which must be placed in the slots in the portal in order for the portal to open.

The amount players will need is random for each portal, but the maximum possible is 12. To do this, players must combine an Ender Pearl dropped by Endermen with Blaze Powder obtained by crafting Blaze Sticks dropped by The Blazes.


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