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Brawl Stars Lou

In this writing Brawl Stars Lou Features and Costumes we will examine Lou, literally a cool guy! He can handle anything cold-related to the best of his ability. There is nothing better than the cold that makes people shudder. Lou  We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

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Brawl Stars Lou Character
Brawl Stars Lou Character

Lou Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Lou after reaching Level 30 in his featured season 4.Sezo's: the Holiday Escape One that can be unlocked at level 30 as a Brawl Pass reward or from Brawl Boxes. Chromatic Character. Lou has below-average damage and health. owner however, he has support mechanics in both his attack and Super. His Super ability has a fairly wide range of abilities that slows down enemies and makes it difficult to maneuver. creates an ice field.

accessory Ice Blockmakes him immune to all damage for a short time.

First Star Power Super Cold, Enemies standing in Lou's Super zone, Brain Freeze it freezes slowly, as in his attack.

Second Star Power hypothermia, lowers the opponent's reload speed depending on its freezing.

Class : Help

Attack: Brain Freeze ;

Taunting opponents with snow cones, Lou can finally freeze them in place for 1,0 seconds.
Lou quickly launches 3 snow cones in a straight line, dealing medium-low damage. So after hitting an opponent with even a single snow cone, an Ice meter will appear to the left of the enemies' name.

Each snow cone applies the same Frost percentage with its Supercharge rate of 14,3%. After the opponent fills their Frost meter, they are stunned in place for 1 second. If Frost isn't applied for 2 seconds; the Frost meter will begin to decrease by 5% every second. Freeze can be stacked with multiple Lous. This attack takes 0,45 seconds to complete.

Super: Secret Icing ;

Lou drops a can of freezing cold syrup on the floor, forming an icy, slippery area.
Lou tosses the syrup and creates a slippery area across the field. Any enemies that change direction while moving in the area are slowed, but this does not affect Lou or his allies. Sharp changes of direction will completely stop movement for a short time.

Brawl Stars Lou Costumes

  • King Lou(Brawl Pass costume) (New)
  • Smooth Lou : season 5 : starr force custom costume
brawl stars lou costumes image

Lou Features

  • Health: 3100
  • Role: Support
  • Movement speed: 720 (Above normal)
  • Range: 9.33
  • Attack amount: 3 times can inflict damage
  • Charge rate per hit: 14%
  • Reload time: 1.4 seconds
  • SUPER Ability duration: 10 seconds
  • Level 1 damage: 380
  • Level 9 and 10 damage: 532

Health ;

Level Health
1 3100
2 3255
3 3410
4 3565
5 3720
6 3875
7 4030
8 4185
9 – 10 4340

attack ;

Level Damage per snow cone
1 400
2 420
3 440
4 460
5 480
6 500
7 520
8 540
9 – 10 560


Aralık 7.67
Time 10 saniye
bullet speed 1739
Syrup range 3.67

Lou Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Super Cold ;

Enemies standing in Lou's Super zone are slowly frozen, as with Brain Freeze attack.
Lou's Super will now slowly apply a 14% freeze to enemies every second. This effect stacks with his basic attack so an enemy in the area that is attacked by Lou will freeze faster.

warrior's 2. star power : hypothermia ;

Opponents lose 35% of their reload speed based on how frozen they are from Lou's attacks.
Opponents lose 35% of their reload speed for each freeze trigger, up to 4%. This maxes out at 43.75% freeze, or roughly 3 attacks. This only applies to that one Lou; For example,Super Cold with, another Lou cannot slow down the opponent's reload speed.

Lou Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Ice Block ;

Lou shields himself with ice and becomes invincible for 1,0 seconds.
Lou, push back and stuns studies outside becomes completely immune to all damage for 1 second. Because Ice Block accessory While active, Lou cannot move, attack, or use his Super.

Lou Brawl Stars Removal Tactic

Lou sells for a total of 100 diamonds. It is really difficult to collect 100 diamonds in the game.

You must open all the boxes that you come across and store the rare diamonds in these boxes in your inventory.

If you say "I don't want to waste my time with this type of work", you can easily buy the diamond you need by sending money to the game.

Brawl Stars Lou Extraction Trick

Since Lou is a strong character, players with Lou in their deck can beat their opponents more easily. Because Lou is so precious, many cheating methods are told about him. First of all, we must warn you that you do not need to download any files or programs for the Lou extraction trick.

You should stay away from cheat files and programs titled Brawl Stars Lou removal cheat. These tricks do not remove Lou and harm you and your device. They can corrupt your applications and your device's operating system with the viruses they contain. They can spread the personal information on your device by copying it.

How to Make Brawl Stars Lou Removal Cheat?

Here are the steps of the trick that you can extract Lou without having to download any third-party files and applications:

  • Open Brawl Stars. Then go to settings from the home screen.
  • You need to change the language settings in the settings. Find and change the language settings. Note that only the country written in the "location" section cannot be the language.
  • After changing the language and saving the settings, open the character cards. Start clicking on the Lou character repeatedly. Click about 20-25 times in succession.
  • Then release the click and enter the match. Start earning as many boxes as possible from matches. Don't lose one or two boxes. Play lots of matches and win lots of boxes to increase your chances.
  • After you have won enough boxes, open the character cards again. Click on the Lou character 20-25 times in a row.
  • After you have finished clicking, start opening the boxes one by one.

Lou will most likely come out of one of the boxes. If it doesn't work, try all the cheat steps again.


Lou Tips

  1. super strength, Hot ZoneIt can cover the entire region. For this reason, he can use his superpower to the advantage of himself and his team, and can push the enemies away from the area so that he can easily attack the enemies who are struggling.
  2. Enemies will need to keep moving in the same direction to escape, as her signature ability slows enemies down when they change direction. This can be useful for Lou because it makes enemy movement more predictable and makes hitting shots easier. Heavyweight teammates will also be able to take advantage of players struggling to quickly recharge their Supers.
  3. lou, In the Cannon can be strong because main attack can stun enemies and can cause them to drop the ball with a few quick hits.
  4. Lou's Super can be very effective with long-range allies. SAs the super prevents free movement, it becomes harder for the enemy to attack. As the movement of the enemies becomes much more predictable, they can be easily hit as a result.
  5. Lou's bullets take a while to travel, so keep that in mind when trying to fight the enemy. As a result, keeping your range is very important to Lou, who is also crippled by low damage.
  6. Boss War or Robot Invasionin, Bibi'Similarly to Lou, he can stun the Big bot and cancel an attack he is performing. Thanks to Lou's fast reload speed, he can do this consistently. This method also SiegeIt also works well for defense.
  7. Boss Warıin Lou, Ice Block your accessory when used at the right time, it can intercept a potentially deadly laser or rocket. This is especially useful when they need to stand back and their teammates are low on health. Also keep in mind that Lou is inactive when using this accessory.
  8. When dodging the enemy Lou's Super, it's always better to turn slightly to 90 degrees instead of making a U-turn, if possible, as the slowdown will be limited to Lou's Super.
  9. in siege Lou can use his superpower against the wall to crash the bot and the bot can't move, which makes it easier for you to hit it. Note that even professional players use this strategy.

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