Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Locations

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower Locations , Where to Find Genshin Impact Sweet Flower? ; One of the Genshin Impact ingredients that players can cook with is a small, sweet-tasting flower that is both easy to find and difficult to grow….

Genshin impactIn , players need a surprising amount of ingredients to create all the foods, alchemy recipes and more. In the world blackberry While farming for food, solving quests and killing enemies, players can also farm for delicious ingredients to make powerful food. One of these ingredients is Sweet Flower.

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower
Genshin Impact Sweet Flower

Genshin Impact'according to Sweet Flowers“Especially fragrant flowers. They can be easily found even in the dark. Just follow the scent.” They can be made into sugar to make various dishes or used to make Sweet Madame without processing. Sweet Madame is a recipe found at the beginning of the game and when eaten restores 20 – 24% of Max HP and an additional 900 – 1.500 HP.

This Genshin Impact recipe is also used to complete the quest “Old Tastes Die Hard” for Mr. Zhu in Guili Plains.

Sweet Flower Purchase Locations

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower
Genshin Impact Sweet Flower

Sweet Flowers can be purchased from florist Flora; It can be found right next to the Mondstadt entrance and there are some quests for players who want to complete the Wind City and Song. Players can purchase 200 of him per day for 10 Mora each. If players want to grab more than 10 in a day, they will have to go and choose it themselves.

Sweet Flower Picking Locations

Genshin impactwith a map of of Treyvat Since it grows all over the place, it is a little more difficult to determine exactly where players should choose these flowers. Players, of Mondstadt all over and Liyue's they can find Sweet Flowers all over the place. Maps showing spawn points aren't very helpful as the areas are so large.

Genshin Impact Sweet Flower

However, Sweet FlowerThere are a few notable places where squirrels spawn fairly close together:

For low level players Sweet Blossom best place to train, where you won't have high level enemies Mondstadt is around. But players can also look at:

  • Stormbearer Mountain
  • Small island next to Dawn Winery and Winery
  • Starfell Lake
  • Between Mondstadt and Windrise
  • Between Mondstadt and the Temple of the Thousand Winds
  • northwest of Jueyun Karst


A tree disguised as Sweet Flower on the map. Genshin impact There is an enemy type. Whopperflowers are flower-shaped enemies that act as Sweet Flowers to put unexpected victims in range before they attack. The only way to tell the difference between a true Sweet Flower and a Whopperflower is to make sure that the flower displays a hand symbol and not a “…” symbol when interacting with it. Flowers with a “…” symbol instead of a hand will be the enemy, not the cooking utensil. They usually appear where there are large groups of sweet flowers.



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