Emz Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars EMZ

In this writing  Brawl Stars EMZ Features and Costumes we will examineemz, Attacks with bursts of damaging hairspray over time and slows enemies with her Super. A Common Character that unlocks as Trophy Path reward when reaching 8000 Trophies. emz Features Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes We will provide information about

In addition, emz Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Emz Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars EMZ character

Emz Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

3600 With health, Emz attacks with bursts of damaging hairspray over time and slows enemies with her Signature.
Emz is an unlocked Trophy Path reward when reaching 8000 Trophies. Common Character. Medium health and medium damage output was, but it has a very wide and long range. Her Signature ability can slow and damage enemies within a certain area.

accessory Block Button, Deals damage to all surrounding enemies while removing them.

First Star Power Doom Each click from his attack multiplies the damage.

Emz's second Star Power ExcitementEvery second Super deals damage to an enemy, granting him some health.

Attack: Spray ;

Emz is spraying you with hairspray! Strong enough to melt your face.
Emz sprays hairspray, hitting multiple enemies at once, dealing moderate damage. The hairspray stays at the end of its range and deals damage every half second.

Super: Terrible Charisma

Emz creates a cloud of venom around him, slowing and damaging enemies.
Emz creates a circular cloud of poison with a large radius around him, slowing him and dealing very low click damage per second to enemies within the radius. The Super cannot be interrupted by stuns or knockbacks.

Brawl Stars Emz Costumes

  • Super Fan Emz: 150 Diamonds
  • Student Emz: 500 Diamonds
  • Pure Gold Emz: 25k Gold
  • Pure Silver Emz: 10k Gold
Brawl Stars Emz Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Emz Features and Costumes

Emz Features

  • Speed: Normal
  • Damage every half second: 700 (Max damage)
  • Reload speed: 2100
  • Attack speed: 500
  • Range: 6.67
  • Super length: 5000
  • Health: 5040
  • Level 1 damage: 500
  • Level 9 and 10 damage: 700

Health features;

Level Health
1 3600
2 3780
3 3960
4 4140
5 4320
6 4500
7 4680
8 4860
9 – 10 5040

Emz Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Doom ;

Enemies trapped in a cloud of Emz's toxic hairspray inflict increased damage at 20% per hit.
Enemies hit by Emz take 20% more damage than before the attack disappears. This makes Emz's attacks much more deadly.

warrior's 2. star power : Excitement ;

Emz heals for 420 per second for each enemy in Super's area of ​​effect.
Enemies who hit the Super will recover Emz 420 health per second for each enemy damaged; that's a total of 5 health per enemy over 1600 seconds. This will not heal Emz if his Super harms a pet or spawner.

Emz Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Block Button ;

Emz also deals 500 damage while knocking back all surrounding enemies.
Emz creates a wave that pushes all enemies approximately 2,67 squares away, while also dealing 500 damage.

Emz Tips

  1. Due to her ongoing main attacks, Emz can employ guerrilla tactics that consist of spraying hairspray in quick succession and running for cover. But unlike the Super, his main attacks don't go through walls, and these tactics require open space to work.
  2. While using her Super, try to damage enemies behind walls so you can damage them while they can't.
  3. If Emz is chasing you, don't run away from him. Instead, get close to him to beat him because the longer you stay on his gas the more damage you take, the less damage you get if you're close to him. good example Mortis, you can easily approach Emz and quickly take it down. Be warned that veteran players will save their Supers to counter this tactic, so extra caution is needed.
  4. Emz can do better damage at mid-long range, so don't approach players within a short range where they can gain an advantage over you. But in Bibi's case, provided you've survived Bibi's knockback attack, you can use her knockback, as an opportunity to spam your remaining spray, which will force Bibi to back off.
  5. When using Emz's Super, try to position the enemy Super close to the edge of your range. That way, when you attack, the enemy will be slowed down and forced to suffer from all 3 ticks of your attack.
  6. Emz is very effective at medium and long range. Try to keep the enemy you are attacking within about 2/3 of their attack range, this will cause the enemy to take 3 clicks of damage. However, if the enemy is very close to you, you will only be able to deal 1 click of damage, and if the enemy is in the far range of your attack, it will only take two hits.
  7. Emz, due to his ongoing attack Diamond Catch ve War BallHe is a great Control Warrior. Diamond CatchUse Emz to push your enemies to the opposing side while constantly collecting gems or War BallSlow down enemies when they have the ball.
  8. Emz's main attack speed is fast enough to fire another cloud of hairspray before his previous attack completely dissipates. Damage from both attacks stacks, effectively double the damage dealt per second.
  9. Emz's Superrin slowdown, especially Mortis or Carl Provides useful defense from close-range players who are heavily dependent on movement abilities such as
  10. Maybe Emz has biggest weakness, an enemy is unable to deal enough damage if they are close to him.. The accessory makes up for this weakness. If an enemy is in close range with you, you can use his accessory to knock him back.
  11. Despite its small range and radius, the Emz's accessory isWar Balldropping the ball from an enemy's hand, canceling Frank's Super, or showdownaIt can also be used to thrust enemies into poison if positioned correctly.

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