Dying Light 2: Garrison Power Station Puzzle Solution

Dying Light 2: Garrison Power Station Puzzle Solution; This guide will help Dying Light 2 players solve the puzzle at the Garrison Power Station and operate the substation.


The Garrison Electrical Station is a location in Dying Light 2 that players will visit during the Broadcast story mission. Inside this building is a puzzle that connects a series of generators, and the fans will need to solve it in order to run the substation. For gamers who might be stuck with the Garrison Electrical Station puzzle in Dying Light 2, you can find a complete rundown of its solution in this guide.

Dying Light 2: Garrison Power Station Puzzle Solution

Dying Light 2: How to Operate a Substation (Broadcast)

Dying Light 2 players To Garrison Power Station As they enter, they will encounter a green generator with "A" and "B" written on it. Fans must interact with this generator to pull its wire, and then plug that wire directly into the red "A" generator across the room. This generator is next to a metal door and the fans must press the button on the other side of that door to open the door.

Players must now remove the cable from the generator “A” they just started, carry it through the open door and plug it into the red generator “B” on the wall. This action will allow action RPG fans to open the door using the button next to the "B" door nearby, and that's exactly what they have to do.

After going through the “B” gate, players must advance until they hit a wall, turn right and then find the yellow pipe in the back corner. Zombie video game fans should now climb up that pipe, turning left as soon as they pass through the opening in the first metal grate. A few steps from this location is a green generator with "1" and "C" written on it, and players must get its cable before continuing along the path and unlocking the yellow metal door.

Immediately after passing through that yellow metal door, players must turn left, fall and walk towards the “B” door they opened earlier. There are a number of ledges that players can climb over this “B” door, and in Dying Light 2 they must use their parkour skills to go up two levels and find a pair of doors open. The red "C" generator, to which players must plug in, is right next to these double doors.

At this point, players must return through the double doors and turn left to find the "C" door, which can now be opened. There is a green “2” terminal on the other side of that door and the fans should hold its wire. With this cable in hand, players must go back through the “C” gate and descend as far as possible, descending the stairs to reach a flooded area. The red "2" generator is in this area and the fans must use their wires to power it.

This action will electrify the water in the area and players must use floating chests to safely jump into an open vent in the wall. Climbing through this vent will place the fans inside a shaft leading to the other side of the electrical room, allowing them to access the stairs they previously descended on with minimal damage. At the top of these stairs, fans will encounter a red “1” generator, and removing and plugging the wire that was previously attached to the red “C” generator will mark the end of this puzzle in Dying Light 2.


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