Games Like Brawl Stars

Games like Brawl Stars Recently, it has been attracting great attention by both adults and young people. It has taken its place in the mobile game family as of 2017 and has been in high demand since then. Brawl Stars The game remains popular all the time.

Brawl Stars It is a 2017v2018 game released globally in 3 by the mobile game giant Supercell, which was put into beta in 3. It is currently among the most popular games since its release. Android also surpassed 4M+ downloads in its first 100 months, breaking records with 10 out of 1 players playing in South Korea and Japan. Besides this much success, other producers Games like Brawl Stars took it out. In today's post What are the games similar to Brawl Stars? we searched.

Games Like Brawl Stars

Although it does not have a long history, this game, which is loved by many people, can get boring after a while like any other game. In this case, users want to try similar versions and taste new experiences.

There are many alternatives for games like Brawl Stars. In this way, you can add new options to your game guide. We have compiled similar game options for those who are in favor of difference and cannot give up on the old ones. Here's to the fun!

What Are Games Like Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars The game has been put into beta by Supercell, which has become a giant in the mobile game field, as of 2017. After 2018, it is a 3v3 game type that has been opened to the whole world globally.

It still manages to maintain its place among the most popular mobile games since its debut. In fact, it had a download rate of 4 million or more within the first 100 months of its release to users.

After this remarkable success, the producers released Games like Brawl Stars started to drive.

Developed by makers of different countries Games like Brawl Stars It is possible to list as follows;

  • Tank Raid Online
  • Soccer All Stars
  • Wild Clash
  • Zooba

Tank Raid Online

Games like Brawl Stars
Games like Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars This game, which appeals to tank game lovers as well as tank game lovers, can be played with both free and premium versions. Get ready for PvP battles by planning your tactics correctly!

We can say that both tank games and Brawl Stars lovers lived. You can play Tank Raid Online, which has different tanks and different modes, either in the free version or the premium version. Prepare for intense real-time PvP battles by planning your tactics. Get the best weapon arsenals by unlocking more than 20 special tanks. Put your strategies into action in 4 different multiplayer modes.

Soccer All Stars

Games like Brawl Stars

For those who miss the football field, it can be said that the longing is ending. You can easily defeat your opponent with football players with different characteristics and abilities.

Soccer duel, where talent and intelligence come to the fore, with the taste of an astroturf: Soccer All Stars!

Turkish made 3v3 football game. There are different football players and each has different special abilities. Produced by Ottoman Wars, selected from the best games of 2017 on Google Play Store Lemon Games undertakes. Are you ready to become a legend on this road that leads to the championship by winning trophies? Millions of real players, familiar faces, realistic graphics and tactical intelligence combined in this game.

Wild Clash

Games like Brawl Stars

Consider the beta version of the Brawl Stars game. In other words, it is a game that you can play without any foreignness. Make a name for yourself around the world with short challenges lasting an average of 3 minutes! Show off your skills by choosing between heroic skills.

It is a good game for those who are curious about the beta version of Brawl Stars and want to play. It is a fun game that is played vertically as in the beta phase of Brawl Stars.

Compete with real players around the world in short 3-minute challenges. Choose the one that suits you among various heroic skills (Shooting, Grenade, Tornado Strike, Medical Guards, Invisible Mines, Earth Missiles, Bullet Shield, Thunder Shock, Laser Sniper) and start creating wonders.



You can think of it as consisting of the showdown part of the Brawl Stars game. Just a bigger and more detailed version. In addition, thanks to regular updates, the game is always active.

Zooba is like Brawl Stars' showdown only, but bigger and more detailed. Although the characters in the game were taken from Brawl Stars, the producer made a very good game. 20 people descend on a large map and collect different weapons, knives and arrows. Zooba makers aim to keep the game alive at all times by bringing regular updates to the game every month.


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