New Warzone map – when is the nuclear event in Warzone?

Warzone new map – when is the nuclear event in Warzone? It looks like Warzone's first large-scale map, Verdansk, is finally coming to an end with Season 2 ending in April. Divergent gamers know all about nukes hidden in Warzone bunkers, but they haven't been used since they were introduced to the battle royale game. Judging by the latest rumors, nuclear bombs could be the key to Verdansk's renewal.

Raven Software and the game's developers Infinity Ward, Cold War Campaign, Zombies ve from Warzone They made an effort to put the stories together. Verdansk, Modern Warfare's campaign and is currently 37 years ahead of the Cold War timeline. Next Warzone map has a chance to take players back in time to sync all three modes.

Season 2 Reloaded update, file size 50 GBExcept for a few balance changes to warzone It didn't bring much. It seems that the latest update has been data mining and revealed a lot of new information about the new map. New Warzone map Here's everything we know about it so far.


New Warzone map It will air at 21:20 BST / 00:15 pm ET / 00:12 PT on April 00. We now have official confirmation from the Call of Duty Twitter account that the zombie epidemic will take over Verdansk by this date. There will likely be an in-game event to mark the event, so if you want to say goodbye to the map, make sure you're online while the update goes live.


epidemic activityi After it ends in early March, players in Verdansk They were waiting for great things to happen. Instead, the zombies imprisoned with the Shipwreck went to the prison. Throughout Season 2, zombies are slowly making their way through Verdansk, but only in one place at a time.

Call of Duty team sent a hat to various content creators with the message: “Once the enemies arrive, we guess Verdansk has gone to the damned. April 21 at 12:00. All this confirms that the Dam is the last place the zombies will go. A little over a week away, the zombie machines dotted around Verdansk are currently showing 66%.

Call of Duty leak ModernWarzone this latest clip gives us an idea of ​​what the nuclear weapons event will look like. It looks like the nuclear bomb thing will happen in the middle of a match – huge missiles descend from the sky before they hit the ground. While this is just a visual bug, we expect it to be the animation that will play when the nuclear incident occurs later this month.

New Warzone map
New Warzone map


Data-flagged leaks have revealed that Verdansk will not be replaced by an entirely different map, but instead moved back 40 years to the 1980s. Some of Verdansk's iconic locations have been completely transformed – the Stadium is now partially built, the Dam has been replaced by an aqueduct, etc.

Since Verdansk is based on maps from Modern Warfare, fans are waiting for the next Warzone map to be designed around historic Black Ops levels. ModernWarzone has stated that Black Ops' Zoo is likely to appear on the new Warzone map.


New Warzone map When it became available in April, the original of Verdansk It's unlikely to be playable for a while. War zone, depending on what kind of experience players want to have, players can have small scale Rebirth Island larger with map verdansk Allows you to choose between maps. There's no reason why the developers shouldn't have both maps working in separate playlists, but they should be paying attention. Black ops cold warcan be removed from. Modern Verdansk, may make a comeback in the future, but only the next Modern Warfare when the game starts.




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