New Elder Scrolls Online companions : Ember and Isobel review

Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle is getting a new expansion called . It's part of a year-long Legacy of the Bretons adventure and will include new missions, an entirely new area, and two new companions. The companion system has been a fan favorite since it was first introduced in the Blackwood episode. Both comrades will join previous comrades Bastion and Mirri.

Who are the Companions of the High Isle?

High Isle will introduce players to Khajiit friend Ember and Breton friend Isobel. Players can find them while adventuring in the new area. Both will be linked to their individual missions and will be unlocked once the mission is complete. They will help fight the enemies and even be able to heal the player when they need it.

Companions also have their own unique attitudes and perspectives. While adventuring with them, your actions can affect your relationship. If you do the things they like, they'll like you more, but if you do the things they don't like, their reputation will drop.


Ember grew up on the streets and has a wilder carefree demeanor. His morals are lax and he can enjoy it when players steal and pickpocket. He is a mage who prefers to use magic by brute force or stealth.


Isobel is a promising knight with a more dignified and noble outlook on life. He prefers to seek justice and do good in the world. Players who stick to the straight and narrow road may want to keep it around.

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