The Best Spells and Reagents in Wytchwood

When we're trying to spend some alone time in our swamp house, we accidentally make a deal with a demon disguised as a little black goat. This demon demands a collection of souls to fulfill this mysterious deal, so we need to go out and find the ingredients to create the spells and reagents needed to move the story forward.

The crafting system in Wytchwood has some depth, so it can be very difficult to decide which enchantments and reagents to cast first. Here are some of the most helpful ones to focus on, which will not only help you move the story forward, but will also keep you alive and healthy as you explore the world and trap those pesky spirits for the demon-goat.

The main difference between a enchantment and a reagent in this game is that enchantments usually have two or three basic ingredients to combine to cast them while reagents require multiple crafting stages to obtain them. There are a total of 46 spells and 30 reagents to craft in the game, but these are the ones you'll get the most use out of.

Poultice (Magic)

This is your primary healing spell. Although there is no combat in the traditional sense of the game, you will still take damage and the repairing mush will remove those ouchies. It has only two components, the medicinal leaf and the red mushroom, which can be found in both swamp and woodland areas. Make sure you don't leave the house without them.

Wickerwork (Reactive)

This is one of the first reagents you get in the game and can be made from a Reedy Twine and a pair of Twigs. While this reagent doesn't do much on its own, it's one of the building blocks for many of the more powerful reagents and spells, such as Protective Talisman and Shiny Charm. Having Wickerwork materials ready will keep you from having to constantly go back.

Sleeping Potion (Reagent)

This is another of the basic reagents used to create many spells in the game, but it also has the bonus effect of having a sleeping powder amount. This can be used to escape creatures or solve puzzles throughout the game. You can make a Soothing Potion out of two Lethe Caps, a Jar of Water, and an Impeye Nut.

Scary Doll (Magic)

Wytchwood doesn't have a traditional combat system, but there are pesky creatures like goblins running around, which can cause all sorts of problems for you. The Scary Doll spell is a good response to many. While it won't really damage enemies, it will stun them long enough for you to make your very daring escape. It will cost you three Grains, three Hopper Feet and a Sewing Kit.

Opening Powder (Magic)

There are many objects in Wytchwood that look and feel out of place. They will likely have something to do with a task at some point, but it can be difficult to tell exactly what they are or how to use them. Unveiling Powder is often the best way to describe the item and what it does. It will give you a description of the object and any weaknesses it has. It's a very good idea to have several on hand. Each spell costs one Hagshroom, two Seeker Vines, and one Impeye Nut.

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