Stardew Valley: Where to Find Robin's Lost Ax

Stardew Valley: Where to Find Robin's Lost Ax | Robin loses his ax early in Stardew Valley and sends the player on a mission to search for it. This is where players can find it.

Stardew ValleyThe best part about jumping in is that players can do whatever they want without any major restrictions. However, the game offers a list of tasks that can be done to help them progress through the game, such as socializing with the town or growing certain crops.

These are known as duties, and they come in all forms. No matter how a quest is presented to the player, completing the quest will result in a nice reward that can have a lasting impact financially, socially, or both. Stardew Valley'one of the oldest quests given to players "Robin's Lost Ax“is.

How to Do the “Robin's Lost Axe” Quest?

Stardew Valley: Robin's Lost Ax

Stardew Valley: Robin's Lost Ax
Stardew Valley: Robin's Lost Ax

Robin will be introduced to the player from the very beginning, as he gets off the bus he will meet the main character and take them to their grandfather's old farm. Players will learn here that Robin can help provide house upgrades for the future, so it would be a good idea to have a good relationship with him.

Regardless of how often the player starts talking to him, Robin will ask for the player's help on the 11th day of Spring (which is the 11th official day of the game since the game started in Spring). Players will receive a letter from him in the mail that reads: “LOSS: My favorite my ax i lost! If you find it, please get back to it as soon as possible. I'm having a hard time without it. There is 250 gold for whoever finds it. thing."

Players can then select the "Accept Mission" button at the bottom, which will be officially added to the log.

Where to Find the Ax

Players don't need to jump into this mission right away, but it would be a good idea as it's not too hard to figure out. the ax To find it, players must head south directly from their farm. From here, they must continue heading south until they reach a body of water where they must cross a bridge to an island with a tree on it, and then cross another bridge to the other side of the area.

Continuing to head south will land the player in Cindersap Forest, where players will eventually crash into the entrance to the sewer. At this point players must walk to the right until they hit a wall and then follow the edge of the cliff. Shortly after the players started doing this, Robin's of your ax they'll discover you're lying there. The game then asks the player to bring it back to him.

Robin when found, in the hotbar to keep the ax highlight it. Talk to Robin like this and he'll shout: “Hey, my ax you found it! What a relief… I almost cut my finger with the other one I was using. Thank you!" Players will be rewarded with 250 gold in addition to an extra heart on Robin's relationship bar.