Where to Find Genshin Impact Pine Cones

Where to Find Genshin Impact Pine Cones Genshin Impact pinecones, ;This article is for those who want to get a ton of cones. Genshin impact details a few locations players should consider visiting.

Genshin impact'you are another Fabulous Merchant event It's officially underway, and players who want to unlock Boxes O 'Marvels' containing Primogems and other rewards will have to purchase certain materials. liben They will need to provide an NPC named One of the materials this trader is particularly interested in is pinecones, and some fans may be hesitant about where to look for them. Fortunately, Genshin Impact'There are several great spots to collect cones, and fans can find all the details below.

Genshin Impact Pine cones who want to grow as fast as possible Genshin impact for the players, Qingce VillageThere's no better place than the suspension bridge just northwest of the "Q" in . Indeed, fans should be able to easily get around 10 cones from this location in Liyue, and that's more than Liben required. Players can find a map highlighting the exact location of this bridge below, and a nearby teleport waypoint will make reaching it a cinch.

Alternatively, pine cones mondstadtFans who choose to collect from can certainly do so, and there are a few good areas to check out.

East Cape OathOne of these areas is along the shore north of the Dadaupa Gorge, as there are pinecone-producing fir trees stretching up to . Another area worth seeing is Stormbearer Mountainsand pinecone-hunting players Starfell Lake'should look just northwest of.

Genshin Impact Pine cones
Genshin Impact Pine cones

To draw attention, Marvelous Merchant While attendance at the event is the primary reason why fans want to collect cones, the material really has other uses as well. More specifically, players Genshin impactThey can combine pinecones with other ingredients to create a variety of dishes. For example, pinecones are used to cook Mondstadat Hash Browns, and players can unlock the recipe for this dish by clearing the Trial of Scorching Fire and Furious Lightning in the Wolf Sanctuary.

They are also used to craft Sauteed Matsutake, which when consumed temporarily increases the ATK of all party members. Fans get the recipe for this dish directly from Sara. mondstadt in your city Good hunter shop and it only costs 5.000 Mora. However, before players buy the recipe Genshin impactThey'll need to reach Adventure Rank 35, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.