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Lost Ark: What to Do with Old Gear ; While not exactly a looter, there are many new items to obtain while playing Lost Ark, making players wonder what to do with old gear.

Lost ArkWhile it's not a looter in the same sense as games like Diablo, there are still plenty of equipment upgrades to be made. With the release of new gear and the option to disassemble, many Lost Ark players are wondering if it's better to sell their gear or disassemble it after buying a new piece.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether it is better to sell or disassemble the equipment. Until players complete the main story, there is not much need for currency from the sale or disassembly materials. So let's take a break from Mokoko Seed hunting and look at the loot.

Selling Old Gear (Old Gear)

Lost Ark: Old Gear
Lost Ark: Old Gear

Selling gear acquired from random mobs, dungeons, or other PvE sources is pretty self-explanatory. Players can find the nearest merchant and drop them all the unwanted loot for some cold cash. However, that means keeping enough room in their inventory to store all the extra gear until they return to the nearest town to sell it.

Removal of Old Equipment

In general, obsolete or unnecessary for various reasons dismantling of equipment recommended. The first is to save the limited inventory space reserved for players. Relying on gear for the purpose of selling, especially when running dungeons, will reduce players' space. Disassembly, breaks down hardware into stackable components and can be done anywhere. Additionally, some defective components may be more valuable than the hardware itself. This also means that players will be able to sell gear no matter what the situation.

As it turns out, players end up doing the same thing with both options, but the disassembly adds another step that saves space and saves more money. Sure, it's an unusual way of getting things done, but Smilegate decided to do it that way.

Lost ArkThere's obviously an element of grinding in , but some of it feels like bloat and unnecessary steps. This is just one aspect of the business. This may be part of adapting to a game that has been on the market for four years in other regions, and naturally more content was added so it felt overwhelming when released as a whole, as it did for America and Europe.

There is a lot of content to be found in Lost Ark. It's part of the navigation that gets used to its idiosyncratic systems.


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