How to unlock Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors?

As the name suggests, the main goal of Vampire Survivors is to kill thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn. The game has several characters, weapons and items to help you progress on your journey. One of these essential items for smooth progression is the Spellbinder, and here's how you can get it in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock Spellbinder

To get the Spellbinder, you need to upgrade the Runetracer to level 7. You usually get different items when you level up your weapons in Vampire Survivors. However, the Runetracer is not a default weapon that you will automatically own. Actually, to get Runetracer, you need to get a character whose default weapon is Runetracer. So you have to buy Pasqualina as it comes equipped with Runtracer by default. Pasqualina will only cost you 110 gold, which is pretty easy to farm.

While Pasqualina isn't all that powerful, it's worth buying it for the Runetracer alone. After obtaining Pasqualina and Runetracer, upgrade the weapon to level 7. Once complete, Spellbinder will be available for all future endeavors. If anyone is unaware of Spellbinder's use, it only increases the duration of weapon effects by 10%. While it may not seem monumental at first glance, talent can come into play in difficult situations.

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