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How does the VALORANT rank system work, what are the levels in the game? Valorant Ranking, VALORANT Ranked System, What is VALORANT Section Level?, VALORANT Rank Distribution; We have gathered all the details about the subject in our article.

In our article, we tried to gather all the details for you by talking about how the points given to you by the system change, the levels, the division levels, the distribution of the players according to the grades.

VALORANT Rank System

VALORANT Ranked System

After playing 20 unranked games, you can enter competitive games. At first, you become "Unranked", and after completing five competitive matches, you move into your first rank. Your rank is determined according to your individual performance and match scores in your first five games.

To enter a ranked match, you must first play twenty unranked games. If you do not play ranked for 14 days, your rating will be deleted. If you didn't have a rank before, you can see your rank by playing five rank, and if your rank is deleted, you have to play three matches. In the rest of the article, how your rank change is presented to you, from all levels in the game and from part levels we will talk about.

Valorant Rank System, Iron starting with and Radiant There are eight levels ending with . All tiers except Radiant and Immortality have three sub-tiers within themselves, with the first being the lowest and the third being the highest. So if you exclude Unsorted, Riot Games's tactical shooter has 20 ranks.

VALORANT Rank System
VALORANT Rank System


  • Iron 1-2-3
  • Bronze 1-2-3
  • Silver 1-2-3
  • Gold 1-2-3
  • Platinum 1-2-3
  • Diamond 1-2-3
  • Immortality
  • Radiant

How Does the VALORANT Rank System Work?

VALORANT Rank Systemi works like most competitive games on the market. You'll need to complete ten matches before you even get a chance to play ranked. Once the mod is available, you can start the grind.

Winning games is the most important factor when it comes to ranking in Valorant, but your personal performance is the biggest factor when playing your placement matches at the beginning. However, unlike other competitive games, Valorant's ranking system also takes into account how decisively you win or lose a match. If you want to rank, your KDA shouldn't be your main focus.

VALORANT Rank Change

Rank change, previously indicated by arrows, of VALORANT Beginning in patch 2.0 it will be displayed with progress bar and rank score.

VALORANT Rank System; iron ve Elmas If you are between ranks, you will be able to observe your progress with the progress bar. If you are in Immortality and Radiant ranks, you will be able to see your progress on the leaderboards.

Rank Points

At the end of the match, you will gain or lose rank points according to the match score. These rank points will show you how close you are to the next rank. In matches you win 10-50 between KP you will win, in the matches you lose 0-30 between KP you will lose. Depending on your performance in matches that ended in a draw, you will be able to earn a maximum of 20 KP. 0 for your rank to drop to KP You will have to lose a match after you fall.

What is VALORANT Section Stage?

The tier tier indicates the highest tier you've proven you can achieve in a part of the game. The section tier that you can unlock after nine ranked wins in a section reveals more accurate data by presenting the player's real ability instead of presenting the player's rank at the end of a section.

VALORANT Rank System
  • for example Under if you exited and then again to silver if you fell Gold Matches you played and won in the rank Your Section Tier will determine. In addition, the total number of wins in a section Your Section Tier will affect.

at the end of the sectionThe Division Tier will appear as a badge on your player card (and career history) in competitive games. At the end of the first episode, players will not be awarded a Division Tier.

VALORANT Ranked System – Factors Affecting Rank

VALORANT Rank System gives great importance to the individual performance of the player during the match. In this system, where you can earn a rating even if you lose, the lap difference at the end of the match is one of the important factors affecting the rating. 13-3 the rating points you will get from a match you win 13-10 much more than the rating points you will get from a match. Your individual performance, scores, assists and MVP Whether you are or not also affects the rating you will earn. The most important factor affecting the rating, as you can imagine, is the number of rounds won.

VALORANT Rank Distribution

VALORANT Rank System, Since there is no official statement from the game, this data does not reflect the exact truth, but independent research by the players reveals the average rank distribution. The distribution of grades according to the data of the researchers who collected data using is as follows.

Average of players in the game from 50% good Gold 1-2 players make up the average rank in the game. Gold III players are higher than 60% of the game, compared to Platinum I to 80% it goes up.

VALORANT Rank System


VALORANT, RiotGames produced by 2020 A strategic FPS game offered to the players in the summer. Skill-based with many characters and maps FPS just like in the game Counter-Strike Just like the tour-by-turn economy logic, it also works. on VALORANT The abilities of the characters are also integrated into this economy system, that is, the game Overwatch – CS:GO It would not be wrong to define it as breaking. Its maker is beautiful that has been progressing since the closed beta PR The game, which has added many players to its audience with its methods, inevitably also has a ranked mode. Players playing in this competitive mode naturally have a rank that shows their skill level. These stages are more commonly pronounced. VALUE We have explained their ranks in our article and shared the details of the rank system with you. VALUE The rank system is here with all its details!


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