VALORANT FPS Boost ; Valorant, the FPS game that has been on the minds of all players lately, has really managed to become popular lately. In honor of Riot Games' 10th Anniversary, it brought the Fps game together with gamers. Valorant, which was opened on June 2 and started to be played all over the world, can be played easily on high-system computers. It can sometimes cause freezes on medium and low performance computers. I will tell you how to increase Valorant Fps. I suggest you read the rest of the content as it will be very comprehensive and useful. It will be really useful.

VALORANT FPS Boost Methods

There are a few steps you can take to eliminate instant fps drops, lag problems and stuttering problems that are common especially on low-spec computers while playing VALORANT. The first of these steps is to adjust the in-game graphics settings.

FPS Stabilization with VALORANT In-Game Settings


  • VALORANT graphics settings that you can make in-game help you play the game more fluently.
  • First, go to Settings.
  • Enter General Settings.
  • Set the Display Mode to Full Screen.
  • Lower your resolution depending on your computer's performance.
  • Set your FPS to 60 from the Limit FPS option. (60 Hz If you have a monitor below and below, you can get 61 fps, but your monitor will give you a maximum of 60 Hz.)

FPS Boost with VALORANT Graphics Quality Settings


Graphics Quality There are 4 options in the tab; Material Quality, Texture Quality, Detail Quality and Interface Quality will lead to more detailed in-game visual elements. If your computer's performance is low and you don't want to lose concentration in the game, you can use these four settings. Lowest make it up. Otherwise, you will tire your eyes in vain. Even if you are on a high-performance computer, turning off these settings will increase your concentration in the game.

The vignette setting has little to no effect on our game. It helps to remove the event that adds blackness to the corners of your screen, which is impossible to even see with the naked eye while playing games. Since it is not a very necessary and urgent setting, we turn the Vignette setting to Off. Another setting, Vsync, is a setting used to prevent breaking the snapshot on your screen while playing games. But turning this setting on will delay the reaction time of your keyboard and mouse. For that reason Vsync We also set the setting to Off.

Anti-Aliasing reduces the pixels of game elements and slightly relieves the load on your graphics card. That's why we keep this setting as low as possible. Likewise, you should use the Anisotropic Filtering option as minimally as possible. Using the Anisotropic Filtering option at the highest does not add anything to the game performance.

Increase Sharpness, Experimental Sharpening, Bloom, Distortion, and Shadows Throw will not give you an in-game advantage. Because all of them are extra features to make the game look more lively and realistic. If you don't have a very good computer, you can also use these options. kapalı It's good to keep. But let's take a look at what these settings do, albeit small.

What Does the Enhance Sharpness setting do?

The Increase Sharpness option is used to adjust the contrast in the game, but it will not add anything to your game performance whether it is on or off.

What Does the Experimental Sharpen Setting Do?

Experimental Sharpening, on the other hand, makes game elements that are normally a little blurry clearer. But since what we want is performance as much as possible, not clarity as much as possible, it is useful to keep this setting turned off.

What Does the Bloom Setting Do?

The Bloom setting, on the other hand, makes light-containing elements in the game give more realistic light. If you are not a cosmetics enthusiast and do not have a very good computer, let's keep this setting turned off.

What Do the Distortion and Throw Shadows Settings Do?

The other two settings, Distortion and Throw Shadows, are the same kind of settings I mentioned above. If we activate this setting, which does not even visually contribute to the game, it is like 5-6%. to FPS losses So what do we do? We are closing.

 FPS Boost with VALORANT Windows Settings


  • First, enter the hard disk where VALORANT is installed.
  • Open the Riot Games folder.
  • Open the VALORANT folder.
  • Then open the live folder.
  • Right-click the VALORANT application and click Properties.
  • Click on Compatibility in the Properties menu.
  • Disable Fullscreen optimizations.
  • Click on Change high DPI settings.
  • Override the High DPI scaling behavior at the bottom. Click .
  • Then Save and Apply the Settings.

Click on the ShooterGame folder in the live folder we entered, and then enter the Binaries folder and then the Win64 folder. We apply the steps we followed above to the VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe application located in this folder.

With these settings we disable the Full Screen optimizations of Windows and Input Lag We minimize incidents. It is also observable We increase our FPS.

FPS Boost 2021 with VALORANT Windows Settings


We do not recommend the setting we are going to go through now for laptop users. Because the steps you will follow below will reduce the battery life of your laptop. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for the life of your computer if the gamers using desktop computers do the rest.

  • Right-click the This PC folder.
  • Click Properties.
  • In the next section
  • Click on Advanced System Settings.
  • Go to Performance Options.
  • And click Set to Best Performance and save. This setting will transfer all the performance of your computer to the game you are playing by minimizing the effects and animations that reduce the processing volume.



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