Valorant Top Agents

Valorant Top Agents ; Valorant is home to many agents with unique abilities. In this article, we will explain which agents are good and which are not as powerful as others.

Valorantis home to many agents catering to a variety of playstyles, but which ones are the strongest? In the sections below, we'll rank all the agents in the game according to their strength in the closed beta.

Valorant Top Agents


It can fire flash grenades that will stick to them and even earthquakes that will shake up enemies on the other side. While some of its abilities take a long time to complete, it's great for both attacking a site and counterattacking if you're on the defensive.

Breach'Because many of your talents' abilities can be out of sight, it's incredibly difficult to counter them if you're on the receiving end. And if you were hit by them, you would be seriously hurt too.

The only downside to the breach comes from your map knowledge and whether you're in sync with your team.

All of their abilities make good use of the environment, so you can get the most out of them with anticipation, in-depth knowledge of each map, and insights from your team.

Finally, be sure to coordinate with teammates as their abilities can also block allies, so be sure to complete your callouts.


Cypheris about setting traps to slow down the enemy's advance and gather information. In this way, he plays a more supportive, defensive role.

When a lurking enemy is detected it really comes into its own or you get that very important piece of information, allowing you to surprise the enemy with a counterattack.

In many ways, it can completely cover a bomb site alone! Its traps and devices are hard to avoid, so much so that over time we may see players discover some deceptive placements to make these sites very, very difficult to attack.

Cypher Mastery comes from knowing where best to place these traps and perfectly balancing your attention between them and the game. It's so easy to get caught up in triggering them or placing them in the right spot that you forget you're in a vulnerable position and suddenly fall.

3. omen

omen, it's all about fumes going through walls and taking control of the map with a teleport maneuver that lets him fill gaps or crack enemies with the click of a button.

Two talents really shine. First, smoke bottomless and extremely effective. Latter, flash it can really cause problems for everyone on the receiving end. It's super fast, passes through walls and can travel great distances if properly aimed. Other than anticipation and positioning, there really isn't any counterplay to this utility and we think that's what makes it super powerful right now.

Omen's ultimate, chooses a place on the map and makes him travel there. It's great to sneak up on an enemy team and cause paranoia as well. It is effectively a dream lurking, but playing it effectively can be difficult as it is easy to be overly enthusiastic.


Owl's ability to gather information is unmatched, to the point that those learning arrow setups can completely disband a team with 'wall hacking' tools.

Here's a quick look at the abilities and why they're so powerful.

Sova's discovery arrowis a powerful tool that briefly sheds light on the enemy's positions. While it's easily counterintuitive, it has a fairly low cooldown and offers plenty of information even if you're not getting any activity.

Another sight tool is the piloted Owl Drone, equipped with a dart that can fly a short distance around the map and periodically reveal tagged enemies. Again, this thing can gather a lot of information for your team and will not endanger you in any way. Think of it like turning a corner and taking a free look at the site.

Next up is Shock Arrow, which deals AoE damage during detonation. Probably the weakest skill in its arsenal in terms of usability, but still useful in some scenarios. For example, if you know an enemy is stuck in a spot, you can shoot to knock them out or even get a kill if you're lucky.

Finally, Owl can shoot three powerful arrows that travel around the map and deal damage. These are pretty powerful when paired with their other abilities, because if you know where they are, you can send them straight to enemies. In general, it's great at getting quick snippets of information for rotations, reshoots, and the like. In the right hands it's devastating.

5. Brimstone

Brimstone We found him to be a great character for players new to the game because his abilities are easy to understand and apply, but still bring a decent amount to the table.

brimstone, He was able to pinpoint exactly where he wanted the three smoke grenades to land near their simultaneous location, and we found this to be extremely useful when defending an area. However, it can also be used to disguise seeing a pitch from difficult angles to protect teammates and throw an opponent. Plus, it's simple to use. You literally open a small map, click where you want them to fall, and after a short delay they fall from the sky.

of Brimstone one of his other abilities is a weapon that can be fired from quite far on the map. it's a molotov and can be useful for pushing opponents away from where you know they're holding. It can also be hit by a planted bomb to delay defuse, or used in tight spots to delay a push so your team has a few more seconds to defend.

There's also a Stim Pack, which isn't incredible, but it's easy to throw and deals increased fire rate and damage to allies in its radius. If you know you're about to enter a trade or conflict, giving yourself that extra advantage is a solid option, but by no means necessary.

Brimstone's Orbital Strike works wonders if you know where the enemy is positioned. If they are pushing, you can lower them down to divide, or if they are planting, you can drop them directly on them to ensure an easy kill. Think of it as a tool to force enemies into places they don't want to be, which allows you to take advantage of their missteps.


killjoy Not as strong as we thought, but still a good choice. Their devices are great at gathering information or locking down bomb sites, and grenades can stop or force enemies to really push into hard spots.

If you go up against a team guessing where your devices will be placed, you will have a tough time. You have to constantly mix things up, otherwise you will be outdated.

7. Raze

It doesn't do much to a team, but their offensive skills are unrivaled. It allows the Boombot to explore enemies safely, and its C4-esque ability can be used to boost up to unique spots around a map.

And let's not forget the rocket launcher, which can quickly kill enemies with its ridiculous splash damage radius.

In our games, we've found that Raze's cluster munitions are her greatest asset. They do massive damage and are great for destroying enemies, finishing them off and erasing the hopes of a group push.

8. Jett

The most mobile agent on the roster jett, It's great for keeping up with hard-to-reach spots and taking advantage of cheeky angles. His dash gives him the ability to dash in and out of cover, or wield his knives, making him both incredibly hard to hit and impossible to dodge.

jett It also offers a small utility with cloudburst fumes that are great for obscuring vision in tight situations.

If you are just starting outWe can also say that it is quite difficult to use effectively. All of his abilities prevent the smoke bomb from activating quickly, and once you commit, there's no going back. You'll also want to combine it to really get the most out of them. Practice and you can become a force to be reckoned with. In many of the games we played, we have a Jett who gives us a headache with fast and aggressive plays.


Viper's Its ranking in this guide certainly doesn't make it a bad choice. He's just an agent that should be played in the right hands, as many of his abilities obscure vision but also damage allies who enter them.

A good viper, It can give the enemy team a headache. It can launch poisonous smoke bombs not only to block choke points, but also to let it in without taking any damage – perfect for keeping enemies guessing. Its enormous poisonous screen completely divides the view, and its immense power can make it incredibly difficult for the enemy to retake a bomb site. Again, just contact your team before trashing these great abilities as you don't want to hinder your allies.

10. Phoenix

Most Counter: Strike-like of Phoenix one in your arsenal flashbang ve molotov There's an instant weapon, which gives him instant tools to deal serious damage on offense or defense. Moreover, its ultimate feature is that it is simple to use and a great way to learn without putting yourself at risk.

of Phoenix reusable capability, of Brimstone It is a fireball that is almost the same as the Molotov, but with less range. It's suitable for blocking a bottleneck and often causing some headaches for teams, but we've found that its greatest strength is a free healing tool. Her fiery abilities heal her, so if you get hurt, you can kick her at your feet for some regeneration.

of Phoenix Flash bursts cannot be thrown forward or bounced off objects, but are spheres that can be turned left or right at corners. In this regard, we found them somewhat difficult to use effectively, as they are less versatile than their computer science counterparts. Don't get us wrong, if you're standing in the corner of a box or in a doorway, they're great for catching enemies by surprise as they explode out of nowhere – but. And that's big though. You need to properly position yourself in the heat of the moment or you'll likely blind yourself. The “throw forward” option is a surprising obstacle!

of Phoenix There is also a firewall that obscures the view and bisects part of the map, making it a risky and confusing event for enemy players to approach.

11. Wise


We can say that the ability to revive an ally is what makes it worth a try. This is the only ability of its kind and provides a lot of game changing potential with very little effort.

Revive an ally and they can completely take a turn in your favor and completely bring you back into a match. Of course, there are other brilliant zoning tools like a frozen area of ​​effect and a wall that can block blockages or upgrade allies.

Let's not forget that he can point at someone and click on them to heal them, which can make a difference in a close round – especially the pistol where an ally might be heavily tagged. The amount he brings to a team is pretty staggering.

12. Try

Reyna's His leer (floating eyeball) can actually do some damage while forcing enemy teams to shoot him or suffer the consequences. Also, the ability to over-heal or reposition without taking any damage – or being invisible at its peak – just makes it harder to deal with.



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