Valorant Agent Announces 15 Astra

Valorant Agent Announces 15 Astra ;New VALORANT Agent Astra  Valorant has announced that their next agent is Astra, a Controller-class agent from Ghana with multiple cosmic abilities.

Riot Games continues to build Valorant into one of the biggest FPS games today, as players can choose from a variety of agents with different abilities. The character roster is about to expand even more as Valorant announces its next agent.

Four new agents have been added to Valorant since the game's launch; yoru, Agent 14, was most recently released at the beginning of Episode 2, Act 1. Recently, Valorant accounts started selling Agent 15 on many different social media platforms. and country accounts. There were common motifs in all compliments such as stars, space and cosmic looking hand. The official playlist for the new agent has also been released, a tradition that Riot Games does for every Valorant agent.

Valorant Agent Announces 15 Astra

Valorant has unveiled Agent 15 with an exciting trailer that showcases the new agent's abilities. Astra is a new Controller class agent from Ghana with a unique cosmic kit. All agents have one signature ability, two purchasable abilities, and one ultimate ability. He seems to have a concussion, smoke, CC, and then a wall-like ultimate for the Astra.

Astra can place Stars in different areas of Valorant maps, which she can then use to activate her different abilities. The Well of Gravity ability will activate a Star and draw all players in a close area towards its center. The Nova Pulse ability will consume a Star to create a concussion for nearby players. The Nebula ability will use a Star to create a temporary smoke field.

Perhaps one of the most interesting bits of the trailer is Astra's ultimate ability. What's known as the "Cosmic Split" brings to mind the point Symmetra comes from Overwatch. Astra equips the tactical map by choosing a line that will become an opaque cosmic barrier across the entire map. Apparently, enemy agents can still pass through the Cosmic Split, but they will not be able to see anything on the other side, which can always be a risk.

Astra's abilities

Before you can activate the C, Q, and E abilities, you need to hang some Stars of Astra in the sky with the X ability.

Here are Astra's abilities:

A: Gravity Well

Activates a Star with C to create a Gravity Well. Players in the area are drawn towards the center before it explodes, causing all players to still be trapped inside the "fragile".

Q: Nova Pulse

Activates a Star to detonate a Nova Pulse. Nova Pulse charges for a short time, then shakes and attacks all players in the area.

E: Nebula

Activates to transform a Star into a Nebula (smoke).

F: Dissipate

Use F on the Star to deploy it, after a delay put the star back in your inventory and place it in a new location.

Dispersion briefly creates a false smoke (Nebula) at the Star's location before returning.

X: Astral Form, Cosmic Division (Astral Form, Cosmic Divide)

Activate with X to enter Astral Form, where you can place stars with your primary fire key. The Astra will leave its physical body behind for a top-down view of the map. His physical body will be vulnerable in this form.

Once the Cosmic Split is charged, use your secondary fire in Astral Form to begin aiming, then use your primary fire to select two locations. An endless teleport-like tunnel connects two points of your choice.


Some players might take a look at Astra's abilities and be disappointed, especially when occasional flashes and crowd control seem to be taking over the game. Hopefully, the Astra will be balanced enough to be a valuable addition to the game. However, since it's scheduled to go on sale on March 2, players won't have to wait too long for Astra to arrive.

The introduction of Astra takes Valorant to new, even cosmic heights. Riot Games seems very interested in creating a game for women to play comfortably, especially as Valorant will have efforts to bring women into the esports scene. Valorant will likely continue to grow as developers continue to address in-game toxicity and release new and exciting content.

Valorant is now available on PC.