VALORANT 5.04 Patch

VALORANT 5.04 Patch | VALORANT 5.04 patch notes coming soon.

VALORANT's upcoming patch 5.04; Along with two bug fixes involving Agent Yoru and Chamber, it will also bring some expected changes to the game's crosshair system. When will VALORANT 5.04 patch be released? What will be the innovations? Let's see together:

ALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes: What's New?

VALORANT 5.04 patch notes; It is known as the third patch after the start of Episode 5. New patch; It will introduce several changes to the crosshair system and agent bug fixes. Changes in the patch are currently being tested in the Public Beta environment. The update will drop to the normal system after the end of the beta testing phase. Patch 5.04 will greatly affect the crosshair system and offer players a special color picker function.

VALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes

General Fixes

  • The upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.26 is complete and a lot of data is still being collected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Yoru's Gatecrash to sometimes leave ground markers in the wrong positions.
  • Fixed a bug about Chamber's trademarks.

Game System Updates

  • Added the ability to select a custom crosshair color.
  • Go to Settings >> Aim Marking >> Primary, Down Aim or Sniper Scope
  • For Color, select Custom in the drop-down menu and enter the Hex Code (6-digit RGB) of the color you want.
  • If a non-hex code is entered, the plus sign will revert to the previous color.
  • Added the ability to independently adjust the horizontal and vertical crosshairs.
  • Go to Settings >> Target Marking >> Primary or Downward Sights >> Inner/Outer Length
  • Disabling the middle "chain" icon allows for independent adjustment.
  • The left slider is for the horizontal line and the right slider is for the vertical line.
  • Added ability to copy spectator's reticle settings.
  • While watching another player, type “/plus copy” or “/cc” to import the crosshair of the player you are watching and save as a new crosshair profile.
  • Increased the number of available crosshair profiles from 10 to 15.

VALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes: New Game Mode Hurm

The new game mode is known as Hurm and features a game inspired by Team Deathmatch but with Agent abilities. The first team to reach 100 kills in the new mode will win. Moreover; With the Avoid List feature, players will be able to add the usernames of people they do not want to be teammates with.

VALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes Release Date

Patch notes are expected to be released on August 23 or August 24.