Valheim Beginners Tips

Valheim Beginners Tips ; We've put together tactics that will make Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game, one of the fruits of Steam's privileges for indie game makers, easier for everyone. At the same time, you will also find how many things are done during your adventure in Valheim in our article.
Valheim Beginners Tips
Valheim Beginners Tips
One of the most popular game genres of recent years survival games. To date, countless games have hosted the players' passion for the endless struggle for survival. The last example of these games with different themes is valheim it happened. Moreover, the game gained an unexpected popularity and exceeded the sales threshold of 7 million at the end of 1 days and 13 million at the end of 2 days. Currently on Steam Valheim review grade reached 96%.
One of the details that made Valheim popular, perhaps the first, is that it has Viking theme It must be. just a few months ago Assassin's Creed last game in the series Assassin's Creed Valhalla We had a wonderful experience by visiting the Viking world. Now it's in front of us valheim and if you're going to step into this world, before you start the game You will find the basic tips you need to know in our article.

Valheim Beginners Tips

1. Craft Basic Items Now

Valheim Beginners Tips
When you first enter the world of Valheim, the number of items you can craft is on the fingers of one hand. This is because of the game's gradual "craft" system. So, the first thing you need to do is to produce basic items, thanks to which you will have the chance to survive and meet your basic needs in the first minutes of the game. stone ax can cut trees with soup able to defend itself against the first first enemies, hammer can handle the initial construction work and torch With it, you can find your way in the dark.

2. Build a Bed

Valheim Beginners Tips
Thanks to the stone ax, one of the first items that can be produced, you can cut trees and collect wood. Another basic item is the hammer, which allows you to build countless things under different categories. One of them is the bed, which is under the furniture category. The bed is very important in the game. because once built and owned, it acts as a "spawn" point. If you don't make a bed and own it, every time you die, you will spawn where you first entered the game. It only takes eight woods to build a bed.

3. Collect Every New Thing You Find

Valheim Beginners Tips

As you play the game and explore the world of Valheim, you'll see countless collectibles and resources, apart from chopping down trees and gathering wood. Do not hesitate to collect every new thing you see, even if the inventory capacity is low after a point. This is of great importance in the progress of the game because you have to touch everything to open the production network, you have to have everything at least once. Collectables include food like mushrooms, resources like wood, minerals like copper, and much more.

4. Use All Unlocked Recipes

Valheim Beginners Tips
It is possible to sail the ocean by crafting three different ships in Valheim.
Apart from collectible items, it is necessary not to skip the craftable items. In order to unlock the game's production network, you must produce everything possible. First you have to build a loom for production and to use it you have to cover it with a roof. Once you're at the counter, applying all available recipes will grant you access to other craftable items. In order to be able to produce more things on the bench, which is the first production table, structures such as the chopping log and tanning hanger in the production category should also be built.

5. Always Keep Your Belly Full

Valheim Beginners Tips
You can fill your stomach by fishing with a fishing rod.
In Valheim, health and stamina increase in direct proportion to abdominal toughness. In the game, you can eat at most three kinds of food at the same time and you keep your stomach full in this way. In the first hours of the game, you can hunt a lot of pigs and deer and cook their meat in the cooking station. Apart from meat, fruits such as raspberries and mushrooms that you can find in nature will also fill your stomach. The contribution of each food to health and endurance is different.. As you learn new recipes, you can prepare much more useful food.


Other valheim tactics:

  • Stay away from the trees you cut,
  • In order to make new items, first find the necessary material for that item,
  • Gather lots of flints,
  • Eat food to replenish your soul and energy.
  • Make your first home as simple as possible,
  • Use the markers on your map,
  • Repair instead of crafting new items,
  • Research the structures you come across on the map,
  • Kill the first major enemy to craft a pickaxe,
  • Be mindful of your energy while swimming.
  • You can increase the weight you can carry.


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