Valheim updates – everything on the Valheim roadmap

Valheim updates – everything on the Valheim roadmap; Here's the complete Valehim roadmap, from a new foggy bio to base building updates

Valheim has successfully skyrocketed since its Steam Early Access release in early February, and now over four million players are getting axes and shields to earn their place in Valhalla. We've seen troll heads roll, avoidable greyling deaths, and Vikings unite to take on tough Valheim bosses - and more is on the way.

Since we first fell into Viking purgatory, Valheim has made strides with nothing but our underwear and our desire to survive, determining the path to a long journey through rough waters and hostile biomes. Part of its success as a survival game comes down to top-notch base building and a robust yet fair progression system that has bred some of the best gaming memes to date.

The simple yet versatile building system ignited players' creativity – not only did it have players build Sauron's eye, but it also created a replica of the Millennium Falcon using what we can only imagine was a lot of wood. There's a lot more where this came from as the first update focused on core building and recipes, but Iron Gate Studio has revealed exactly what we can expect from Valheim's future.

Valheim updates – everything on the Valheim roadmap


There will be four major Valheim updates and more mods and blueprints on the way, along with smaller patch notes to balance the game and fix bugs. While there aren't any promised release dates yet, here's what to expect from each major Valheim update.

  • Hearth and House – homemade and cooking
  • Wolf Cult – exploration and combat
  • Ships and Sea – Boat upgrades and more “stuff” in the ocean biome
  • mistlands – a brand new “pretty foggy and unwelcoming” biome.

We can visit Mistlands already, but they currently have no content, so we hope this update fills in the gaps in our current world. The most adventurous Vikings among us have discovered another new biome – Ashlands – where you can extract Flametal from piles of glowing metal. Right now this resource is of no use, but we're keen to see what cool Valheim weapons we can make with it.

Alongside these four updates are more plans to implement, such as adding Odin's other raven Munin, improving combat, and creating more locations for the Vikings to explore.

  • Multiplayer interactions
  • Combat improvements
  • The phases of the moon
  • tar pits
  • Vendor inventory expansion
  • Svartalfr Brigands
  • More unique locations
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Munin

While we wait for these updates to drop, why not take a look at our Valheim build guide, as well as effective ways to mine iron and bronze? Or, if you've passed that and are having trouble taking down newly empowered bosses, here's how to beat Bonemass in Valheim.


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