How to Unlock Valheim Stone Buildings

Valheim: How to Unlock Stone Buildings ; How is Stonecutter Made? While wooden houses are easy to build and sturdy enough for early game, Valheim players will eventually want to build their own stone structures.

For Valheim players who are just starting to explore the Black Forest biome, they may stumble upon a stone castle ruin and wonder how to build it for themselves. Stone masonry is available in Valheim, but is not unlocked until players complete a few steps.

Valheim: How to Unlock Stone Buildings

Building a Castle

Players ValheimYou can build houses, furniture, defenses and walls from wood, quality wood and core wood, but there is also the option of building from stone. Stone has the advantage of being very difficult for enemies to break over wood. But making a stone ceiling requires more support. But having a Viking castle in Valheim is well worth the extra work to put it together.

Stone structures cannot be built until players have made a Stonecutter. This is a variation of the basic wooden Bench; It can't be upgraded like Valheim Workbench can, but it can interact in the same way and also has a radius within which players must build. Stone cutters are also required to craft a grinding stone, which is required for a Forge upgrade.

Valheim: How to Unlock Stone Buildings


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Preparing a Stone Cutter

stonecutter's cannot be used by players until they start entering the Swamp Biome. Until they defeat the Elder and get the Swamp Key in Valheim, they won't have access to the iron needed to build this crafting station. A Stonecutter recipe:

  • 10 woods
  • 2 molten iron
  • 4 stones

Once a Stonecutter is in place, players can build with stone stairs, stone walls, and more. Looking at the Valheim Roadmap for 2021 from the developers, we hope these options will likely be expanded in the future, giving players access to more shapes and masonry styles to build and decorate their homes with. Pieces currently available with a Stonecutter include:

  • January – A huge version of the campfire that can be used to heat cauldrons and cooking stations. These should be placed on stone ground.
  • Asphalt road – Turn grass, dirt or any other surface into a beautifully paved stone path.
  • Stone arch – a curved piece of stone carved to fit in the corners of doors to form half of an arch.
  • Stone floor - 2 × 2
  • stone column – Support structures for stones
  • stone stairs
  • The stone wall – 1×1, 2×1 or 4×2 available

Placing a Stonecutter in a ruin also allows players to repair and add to stone walls; This will allow players to download stone structures to reuse the stone for their own homes, or to repair and complete ruins to make them a home.



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