Valheim player built World of Warcraft Stormwind Harbor

Valheim player built the World of Warcraft Stormwind Harbor ;Players in Valheim are working hard to build all kinds of awesome structures in the Viking game. One World of Warcraft fan has managed to recreate the landmark Port of Stormwind from the MMORPG game, and the resemblance is somewhat striking.

Valheim player built the World of Warcraft Stormwind Harbor

Posted on Reddit, ericsxg snapped a few pictures of its build in the survival game. From several angles, you can see many important details, from the few piers to the great harbor fort that rules the harbor and everyone who visits. Stairs and ramps connect the various levels, ships lurk at the piers, and the wooden skeleton of the harbor lion sits on top of everything.

ericsxg explains in the comments how they accomplished some of the construction. This was all done using Valheim console commands and cheats to enter debug mode, accessed by pressing F5, typing "imacheater", then typing "debug mode". This allows you to work with endless resources like Minecraft's creative mode to create and play to your heart's content. One of the main exploits is to float ships and ericsxg says this is to use a mix of stone and wood to raise the ground and prevent the timber from rotting.

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