What is Valheim Leviathan?

Valheim: What is Leviathan? ; Leviathans are giant creatures that live in the ocean biomes of Valheim's massive map, and players will need to sail a boat out to sea to find one.

Among all biomes in Valheim Ocean, is one of the emptiest and widest of these. ocean only valheim can be passed by one of three boats on which its players can sail, and fishes, Sea Snakes and Leviathans is filled with.

Valheim: What is Leviathan?

What is Leviathan?

valheim Leviathan 's are huge ocean-dwelling creatures much like small islands. Usually covered with moss, a few trees, and small round mussels, Leviathans only appear randomly in the depths of the Ocean biome. Players must therefore go to a Valheim to find these mysterious creatures. shawl, kave or a longship should do. Unlike all the other creatures in Valheim, players cannot kill a Leviathan, but they can still collect loot from its back.


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Leviathan Legend

Valheim Leviathan appears to be based on a Norse mythical creature called the Hafgufa. This huge creature wears the islands like a shell, with the bulk of the creature living underwater. Contrary to the legends, Valheim's Leviathan does not want to eat the player's boats or feed on the player's bodies; these creatures are passive and do not attack neither bots nor anything that occurs.

Mining for Chitin

Valheim Leviathan Their backs are filled with white mussels called Abyssal mussels. Players can extract these mussels using a pickaxe to obtain a building material called Chitin. This bone-white “stone” is used to craft weapons like the Abyssinian harpoon and a high-damage blade called the Abyss razor. The harpoon can be used to drag Valheim's viscous Sea Snakes ashore to make them easier to defeat.

Valheim Leviathan

While the use of Chitin is limited, players will still want to get at least enough to craft that harpoon; 30 Kitins are required to craft this spear. At the time of this writing, players cannot upgrade the harpoon, so only those 30 will be needed. The harpoon doesn't do much damage, but its usefulness makes it one of the best weapons in Valheim.

But for Chitin, mining is not as easy as it seems. players a valheim Leviathan Once they find it, they need to mine as quickly as possible. Each hit of their pickaxe has a 10% chance to frighten Leviathan. If players hear an eerie sound from the water, they have about 20 seconds to escape before Leviathan submerges himself and leaves the area, possibly pushing their boat and leaving them stranded in the middle of the ocean. In such a case, players may need help from Valheim's Body Rescue Team to get their inventory back.

Finding a Leviathan

Leviathans There's no guaranteed way to find them, as they spawn randomly in the huge, empty Oceans of Valheim. Players will most likely find a sail to find the Deep North biome or something else entirely, like the Ashlands. But the best way to scan a Leviathan is to travel during the day in good weather, avoiding fog or rain that can make spotting one of these inhabited islands much more difficult.