Valheim Cheat Codes

Valheim Cheat Codes ; Thanks to the Valheim cheat codes, many conveniences can be obtained in the game. There are various cheat codes written to the command console. You can activate the console by pressing F5. After opening the console, you can list the codes by typing "iamcheater". You can turn off cheats by typing "iamcheater" again.

All Valheim Cheat Codes

Valheim is one of the most popular games of the last period. You will need cheat codes while trying to survive in the game. Thanks to the codes you write to the console, your requests will come true in seconds. Here is the list of Valheim cheat codes:


  • beard: Removes the character's beard.
  • debugmode: Switches between modes.
  • dpsdebug: Shows how much damage is done per second.
  • event: Initiates the requested event.
  • explormap: It clears all the fog on the map and makes the entire map visible.
  • ffsmooth [number]: Type 1 in the number field to smooth the free camera images, typing 0 resets the camera smoothing.
  • freefly: Turns on free camera mode.
  • ghost: Turns on ghost mode, making you invisible to enemies.
  • god: Activates the immortality mod.
  • goto [x,y,z,]: Allows the player to go to the entered coordinates according to the x,y and z axis.
  • hair: Adds hair to the character.
  • heal: Restores health.
  • location: Sets the location for spawning.
  • killall: Kills all nearby enemies.
  • model [number]: When 0 is written in the number part, the character becomes male, when 1 is written, the character becomes female.
  • players [number]: Adjusts the difficulty of the players according to the entered number value.
  • pos: Shows player coordinates.
  • puke: Resets hunger and health.
  • randomevent: Starts a random event.
  • raiseeskill [skill] [amount]: Increases the skill typed instead of the skill by the entered amount.
  • removerops: Removes items that have fallen into the area.
  • resetmap: Resets the discovery made.
  • resetskill [skill]: Resets the specified skill.
  • resetwind: Resets the existing wind.
  • save: Saves the game.
  • skiptime [number]: Skips forward as much as the value entered in the number field.
  • sleep: Skips sleep.
  • spawn [item] [amount] [level]: Creates the item whose properties are entered.
  • stopevent: Stops the existing event.
  • tame: Tames the creatures around.
  • tod [number]: Adjusts the clock. When 0 is written instead of the number, it is midnight, when 0.5 is written, it is noon. When -1 is typed, it returns to natural time.
  • wind [angle] [density]: Provides wind at the desired angle and density.


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