How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?

valheim How Are Animals Domesticated? ;Valheim Pet Taming Guide  ;Want to know how to tame Valheim animals? Valheim's Scandinavian wilderness can be a brutal, unforgiving place – but whether you're playing Viking alone or on a multiplayer Valheim server, you don't have to face it alone.

How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?

With the right care and attention, several different wild Valheim animals can potentially become loyal companions or sources of meat. When you tame a tamed boar in Valheim, you will see the message “the boar loves you”. But, hey, you're hungry and it's a survival game (you monster).

Whatever your intentions for these creatures, it's important to note that the more stars an animal has, the stronger they are and the more resources they drop when killed. There is a big difference between each star – one-star Valheim wolves, for example, are much more robust and stronger than their normal counterparts. Therefore, when breeding Valheim animals, you should aim to bring together creatures of the highest rank, as they will inherit their star rating from one of their parents. Read on to discover which animals you can tame and how you can raise them in Valheim.

Valheim Pig Domestication

Taming a boar is relatively easy, as long as you have food and supplies to craft a pen. Once you've made a pen for your pig hobbies – fences with round posts (or a pit) will do – you need to lure your chosen pet in with food or trap them to chase you and then trap them. It may take some time to tame them; Drop the food on the floor (fruits, mushrooms, or carrots will work) and then step back or look away so they'll calm down enough to stir the food. Every time the boar eats, it gradually becomes tame.

How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?
How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?

Once the taming process is complete, you can gently pat your pig's head. Aww. Wild boars are afraid of fire, so make sure their pens are well away from any source of flame. You can use torches to drive through corridors if you need to redeploy them after taming them.

How is Valheim Pig Raised?

Raising a boar is a simple matter of leaving food on the ground in front of two hungry domestic pigs; Once they eat, they are happy and get a chance to reproduce. If the pigs breed successfully, pink hearts will appear; after a short while a “piggy” will appear. And remember: “the boar loves you”.


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How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?

How to Tame the Valheim Wolf?

Taming a Valheim wolf is a much more difficult prospect. The pioneers of man's best friend tend not to be friendly – ​​however, once they gain their loyalty, they become useful companions, following loyally as you adventure through Valheim and defending you against enemies.

Wolves are found in the mountains, so make sure you're frost tolerant before you go exploring. To tame a wolf, you will need to sew a pen with a round pole, it will not cut it; You will need at least steep walls to keep them under control, as they will attack fences when scared. You will probably have to persuade the wolf to the corral by letting it chase you; Better equip your best Valheim armor to stay safe.

Alternatively, you can dig a hole and cover it with wood flooring, entice the wolf to stand on it, and then remove it.

After catching a wolf, leave a lot of raw meat in the barn (it should be about five or six) and step back to let them calm down. You may want to build a roof over the pen to protect it from flying enemies. Normal wolves take about half an hour to tame, but much longer as starry wolves only eat at night.

Now that you have a pet wolf, you may be wondering how to get them home in the ocean since they can't get through portals. Build a dock over your ship and push the wolf towards the boat, but be careful because they will jump to attack the enemy mobs you pass by on land.

If you're encountering issues with the Valheim wolves extinction, it could be due to a bug that causes star wolves to despair during the day if they're out of sight of the player. Reddit user u/Ignis369 has a theory on how to prevent this, but hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.

How to Raise Valheim Wolf?

To raise Valheim wolves, place raw meat in front of two tamed wolves and make sure there is plenty of room – a little wolf will soon arrive.

How Are Animals Domesticated in Valheim?

How to Tame Valheim Lox?

So have your eyes on the bulky stream as a pet – these awesome animals can be found in herds in the plains biome and will make a quick snack out of you if you're unprepared. There's no way to trap one of these furry reptiles in a corral, so the strategy here is to sneak up on him, throw cloudberries or barley near him, and then escape before he eats you. Alternatively, you can build a stone pen or dig a hole in the ground and use it to drag one of the best Valheim weapons, the harpoon, into it. After repeating the feeding process several times and the lox tamed, you can safely build a pen and guide it into it.

You'll be pleased to know that you can pet your furry friend once tamed and any lox nearby will leave you alone.

How to Grow Valheim Lox

Unfortunately, there is no way to make small lox dolls yet. When this is implemented, we will let you know how it was achieved.