How to Make Valheim Frost Arrow

valheim How to Make Frost Arrow; In Valheim, there are a variety of basic items that players can craft and use to take advantage of an enemy's core weaknesses. ok There are types.

In the dangerous world of Valheim, players will need the best weapons and vehicles to survive. Players need to build a solid house to sleep safely in Valheim and craft various weapons, armor and arrows to defend it and themselves. One of the most powerful weapons is Frost Arrows.

How to Make Valheim Frost Arrow

Basic Arrows

With an upgraded workbench at Level 3, players can build elemental and powerful arrows in Valheim. There are several options to choose from, and players can use these arrows to deal additional damage to enemies, especially those that are weak against that element. The high-level arrow types that can currently be crafted are:

  • ice (frost)
  • fire
  • Poison (poison)
  • obsidian
  • Needle

All such arrows are extremely powerful and allow players to quickly work with just about any enemy in Valheim. However, they do require some hard stuff to get resources that are in very dangerous places.

Making Frozen Arrows
After players upgrade their workbench to Level 3, they will need to collect four materials to craft Ice Arrows. They will need basic wood and feathers, but players will also need to find Freezing Cloths and Obsidian in Valheim to craft them. Recipe for 20 Ice Arrows:

  • wood (8)
  • Obsidian (4)
  • feathers (2)
  • Freeze gland (1)

Frost rags can only be found in the Mountain Biome by killing drakes who are not easy-to-kill enemies. Fortunately, players only need one Freezing Cloth for every 20 Frost arrows. The only other crafting recipe ever found in the Early Access version of Valheim is for the icy hammer called Forstner, so players don't have to worry about trying to collect too many of this rare ingredient.

Finding Obsidian

This is probably the hardest part of crafting Ice Arrows or any of the other high-level arrows in Valheim. Obsidian is also found in the Mountain Biome, where players have to worry about freezing to death if they spend too long there. Obsidian is a rare black ore found in snow and can only be mined with iron pickaxes or more powerfully. In pursuit of this material, players will most likely want to first build a set of Valheim's Wolf Armor, which keeps a player warm even in the bitterest cold.

The recipes for wolf armor pieces are incredibly high-level and made from rare materials, but you don't always have to worry about freezing to death amidst the bitter cold and snow of the Mountain Biome.


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