Valheim: Best Basic Defenses

valheim: Best Basic Defenses ; Valheim is fraught with danger, and a safe return home is absolutely essential to success in this brutal, Viking-themed survival world.

Valheim: Best Basic Defenses

Valheim's map is full of dangerous creatures. Even if Valheim players build a house, enemies can still attack its walls and damage their houses and production stations. Therefore, great home defenses are necessary to be safe.

Defending the Farm

Players' homes will occasionally encounter some invaders; some creatures will attack your walls and fortifications every time they roam. But Valheim also has special attacks that bring a few dangerous enemies into their home to cause mayhem. Depending on how far a player has progressed in the story and what's inside their house, one of nine possible events can occur. Players know an event has started when one of several phrases appears on their screen:

  • The Jungle is Moving – Greydwarves, Greydwarf Shamans and Brutes will attack
  • Earth Shakes – Several trolls, often using tree trunks as weapons, will invade the area and attack any player-made building
  • Smell of Sulfur in the Air – Surtings will invade and players can kill them for Surtling Cores.
  • Skeleton Surprise – Skeletons will attack
  • You are hunted – Wolves will invade
  • Horde Attacks – Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling Shamans will attack a player's base
  • Cold Wind Blows From The Mountains – Drakes will invade
  • Eikthyr Gathers the Jungle Creatures – Meadows creatures will attack like board and Greylings
  • A Bad Smell from the Swamp – This invasion is mostly made up of Draugr and Skeletons

This makes it necessary to fortify a house and ensures players are ready for whatever attack comes in.

Best Defenses Early Game

Early game, players won't have to worry too much. While Greylings, wild boars and Greydwarves can damage structures, they most likely won't re-build a foundation wall from wooden fences around a house. Once a player has a wood core in Valheim, they can also build Sharp stakes around the wall to kill anything that approaches. In the morning, they will be able to take advantage of these defenses by collecting all the loot that fell from the enemies killed.

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Best Mid-To-Late Defenses

Once players start taking on later bosses in Valheim and exploring more dangerous biomes, they'll need to start building better defenses. Trolls can easily smash sharp spikes and walls, especially if they are armed. Therefore, players will have to be a little more cunning.

Valheim: Best Basic Defenses

The best defense is to either build the ground or dig deep. In current versions of Valheim, ditches or earthen walls are insurmountable for living things. While the game is currently in early access and this is subject to change, it's a great strategy for now. Using pickaxes to build a ditch around a house or using a hoe to raise the ground to an earthen wall will render a house inaccessible for anything that doesn't fly. Trenches have the advantage of making it easy to catch some of the enemies with a good bow from a safe distance and allow players to collect the loot after the invasion is over.

Unfortunately, not many players can do against Drakes; Valheim does not yet have a flying defense system. Killing them with arrows or just fixing whatever they hurt is still the best way to deal with them. Killing Drakes has the added benefit of increasing the probability of obtaining one of the Drake trophies, a rare drop from Drakes that can be turned into a powerful rudder.


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