How to Build and Upgrade Valheim Forge

How to Build and Upgrade Valheim Forge ; If you want to get stronger in Valheim, you will need a forge and the ability to upgrade it. Here's a look at what you need to do.

All valheim players will need to craft a Forge at a relatively early stage of the game. Valheim Forge used to create armor and weapons in-game. Stone weapons and tools are really only applicable in the early hours of the game. Survivors will have to craft the Forge to survive in higher level biomes.

Bosses and enemies with high health will not be defeated by characters without armor and wooden sticks. Players, in Valheim must use metal weapons and tools to advance. This is our article the forge It will explain how to find and upgrade the necessary items to craft.

 Forge Work

building a forge for players 4 stone, 4 coal, 10 wood and 6 copper must have.

Valheim Forge , becomes available after defeating the first boss in the game. Stone is an abundant resource in biomes. Usually dozens just sit on the ground. Coastal and rocky areas are generally good places to look. Greydwarf enemies in the Black Forest biome also often drop stones. However, players will find a few stones while mining for tin and copper, which are metals used to create bronze.

copper ore black Forest It can also be found in the biome. Copper deposits can be identified by a small shiny bronze vein at each node. Players will need a pickaxe to mine ore that is not guaranteed to contain copper. The more survivors upgrade their pickaxes, the higher the chance to get ore from each vein.

Players, copper oreTo convert copper into copper, he must first build a smelter. Wood is the easiest resource to find, and almost every biome has wood. A simple stone ax will suffice to shred trees. Coal drops from Surtlings occupying the Swamp and Ashland biomes. Small fiery creatures are easy to spot at night. Random chests sometimes also contain coal.

Upgrade the Forge

in Valheim forges can be upgraded to a maximum of 7. Valheim Forge The higher his level, the better the items he creates. For example, if the Forge is at its maximum level, weapons will deal more damage and be more durable. The difference between a level 1 Forge and a level 5 Forge is huge. Damage mismatch for weapons can be 18 points or more. Likewise, the fourth level armor provides 6 additional armor points.

Valheim Forge also for repairing armor and weapons required.Forge If it is not a high enough level, the survivors cannot repair some items. Players will be able to make most of the upgrades after defeating the second boss in the game, the Elder. At this point, players will be able to gather all the materials they need for various upgrades.

Forge Bellows

The first upgrade players can make is the Forge Bellows. Players will need to collect 5 wood, 5 deerskin and 4 chains. The only item survivors may have trouble finding is the chain. Materiel, Swamp Dropped from Wraith whose biomes are common. In addition, in the swamp cellars there are piles of mud that have a chance to hold a chain.


Players will only take 5 woods and 5 bronzes to craft the anvils. As mentioned above, copper and tin form an alloy of bronze. Black Forest biomeBoth copper and tin ore can be mined.

grinding wheel

The next upgrade has two materials, 25 wood, and a whetstone. Survivors will need a Stonecutter to craft the whetstone. Players will need two irons that can be found in Swamp cryptos after defeating the Elder. Like chains, players can find metal scraps in piles of crypto mud.

Smith's Anvil

Fourth on the list of upgrades is Smith's Anvil upgrade. Apart from 5 wood, players will need to search the cellars again for 20 metal scraps and melt more iron. It's wise to have the Megingjord Belt for extra inventory capacity before loading up on scrap.

Forge Cooler

Forge Its cooler is another easy upgrade. Players black ForestYou can grow 10 copper ores in and meadowsin or dangerous PlainsThey can also cut down trees to obtain fine wood.

Forge Tool Rack

of the players To the forge The last upgrade they can do is adding a Tool Rack. It's unclear how it will conceptually improve the quality of the forge, but it will still be an easy upgrade. Players will only need 10 wood and 15 iron for the upgrade. It seems that the organization really improves the quality. With this latest update, the survivors Forge will produce the highest quality armor and weapons while using it.