10 Game Tips Like Valheim

10 Game Tips Like Valheim ; Inspired by Viking culture, the survival game Valheim, which is still in early access, broke the record for the number of simultaneous players, despite being just announced, and became the second most played game in the world. While there is such an interest in the game, we have listed alternative games for you that are similar to Valheim in certain aspects.

One of the most popular game genres of recent years survival games. To date, countless games have hosted the players' passion for the endless struggle for survival. The last example of these games with different themes was Valheim. Moreover, the game gained an unexpected popularity and exceeded the sales threshold of 7 million at the end of 1 days and 13 million at the end of 2 days. Currently on Steam Valheim review score also reached 96%.

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

1-The Forest

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

As a survivor of a plane crash on an island, the game where you try to survive on the island offers a sad adventure to the players with its story. regardless of the story In the game where you can survive on the island, build buildings and explore the island, your enemies are the man-eating island natives. The second game of The Forest, where it is very difficult to spend the night, will meet with the players in 2021.

The most similar feature of The Forest to Valheim is that the games craft mechanicsNS. In both games, there are many schemes that you can make from scratch, both as buildings and items.

2-Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey takes players on an adventure about how humanity came to be and how the society we live in today came to be, at the beginning of their journey through the jungles of Africa; It puts us in the role of our oldest relatives. as a third party The game played distinguishes itself from many survival games with this feature.

You start the game by managing a lost baby monkey. As a survival game, as a monkey that existed in the past, with the game that does not give any mission sign for its players to survive in the most difficult way; for future generations You can build structures by surviving. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey's most resemblance to Valheim is that the plots of both games have never been used in any survival game before.

3-Impact Winter

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

In the game where the character named Jacob, who leads a group that survived the disaster, is the main character; You are trying to meet all the needs of the group you are in. Compared to other games on the list slightly slower paced In Impact Winter, a game, the story and the missions are at the forefront of survival.

Other than that both games are survival games, Impact Winter's most similar feature to Valheim is its graphics. in both games stylistic graphics behind the times made. Both games show us that it is not the graphics that make a game playable.

4-Force of Nature

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

Players start Force of Nature, a very unknown survival game, without any tools. In the game started from scratch Quests guide the player in crafting new items and unlocking new recipes. Leveling up in the game also increases some passive stats and some basic stats like movement speed.

Force of Nature, which is not too advanced in terms of graphics like Valheim, is a game where you can relax more while playing, you can farmis a game where you can cut trees and listen to the sounds of nature. Force of Nature also offers much more than graphics for a quality gaming experience like Impact Winter and of course Valheim.


10 Game Tips Like Valheim

Omensight is an action, role-playing game whose only resemblance to Valheim is the diversity of creatures and bosses on the map. The story of Omensight revolves around several kingdoms, each of a particular species, that find themselves in a great power struggle. Of course, this diplomacy is not the only story; A giant demon named Voden, called the bringer of the apocalypse, to destroy everything in the game's world it's working. This is where our player comes into play.

Our actress, like a story that has appeared in very popular movies before reliving the last 24 hours over and overk is looking for ways to destroy this demon.

6-Mr. prepper

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

Mr. Prepper, as the name suggests, is a game about the player's preparation for an impending nuclear hazard. The game, which has not yet been released, will be available on March 18, 2021. Drawing attention with his subject and graphics, Mr. In Prepper you can trade with your neighbors, can improve your underground bunker and you can build the best underground bunker against impending nuclear war. Mr. The most similar feature of Prepper to Valheim is the variety of structures and items that can be built or used with the theme of survival.

7-Conan Exiles

10 Game Tips Like Valheim

Author Robert E. Howard's universe of Conan is a perilous and unmistakable universe. Conan Exiles is a game that lives up to that reputation. Conan Exiles more than enough a game considered difficult. The reason for this difficulty is not only the other players and bots in the world, but also the wolves, giants and other things to fear around you. In addition to all these, the sandstorms and wild northern colds on the maps are the factors that make the players very difficult.

In Conan Exiles, as well as in Valheim, players start the game from scratch. As in most survival games, this game, which you start by punching trees, is quite offers exciting adventures to their players. Although Conan Exiles requires more effort than Valheim. Other players on the map make Conan Exiles a little more challenging than Valheim.

8-Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game known for the freedom it gives to its players. In the game, you can run with a machine gun on a woolly mammoth or on a Quetzal you tamed. by establishing a platform You can wage war against other players on the map.

Although its optimization is not perfect, with its highly developed artificial intelligence “What would it be like if humans lived in the age of the dinosaurs?” answers the question Ark. While there are many dinosaurs and creatures that can harm you, you can try to survive, build your own base and explore the map in multiple maps of the Ark.

Just like Valheim, Ark has something that most other survival games lack: boat building. With the mods you download to Ark: Survival Evolved, you can build your own special boat and sail on the huge maps of Ark.


Satisfactory Coming to Steam! - Hubogi

Another popular game of Valheim's publisher, Coffee Stain Studio, Satisfactory is a game you start from scratch. Valheim and Satisfactory, two games released by the same studio, are both games, even though they're not the same genre. a big world and many elements to explore there is. Both of the games where you build a factory from scratch in one game and almost a civilization in the other are both games that have received very positive reviews from critics.


A time when the world was deprived of the sun and struggling with the freezing cold. In this environment where survival is almost impossible, we take over a group of people and try to keep them alive. In this process, it is not enough to give them basic building and resource gathering tasks, it is necessary to make laws to maintain order, some of the decisions can overwhelm the player. Another game of the studio that developed Frostpunk, This War of Mine was also an emotionally charged survival game.


We have come to the end of the list of 10 Games Like Valheim Tips.

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