Valheim: What is Ashlands?

valheim: What is Ashlands? ;Going far enough south of the Valheim maps, players will find a fiery, unwelcome biome full of dangers, the Ashlands.

In Valheim, players must face the dangers of six biomes: Grasslands, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountains, Ocean, and Plains. But there are three other hidden biomes found on the large Valheim map, and Ashlands is one of them.

Valheim: What is Ashlands?

Hidden Biomes

Because Valheim is still in Early Access and still lacks a lot, players can expect to snag some unfinished and unfinished content inside. While the six main biomes are somewhat populated with enemies, bosses, flora and fauna, the Hidden Biomes are just three that don't have much in them yet. These missing places are the cobwebbed Mistlands, the icy Deep North of Valheim, and the fiery Ashlands.

Exploring the Ashlands

While all maps are procedurally generated, the Deep North always takes the northernmost of the round map, while the Ashlands are always the southernmost. But unlike the Deep North, the Ashlands don't need any special gear to explore. There is no "too hot" effect that corresponds to the freezing effect found in colder areas of the Valheim map.

However, fireproof mead is a good idea to bring to the Ashlands when exploring as this landmass is full of Surtlings. This is a great way to fill it with Surtling cores and charcoal, both of which are dropped by these fiery foes.

Valheim: What is Ashlands?

In Ashlands, players can also find an ore called Flametal. This ore can only be smelted in the Blast Furnace, which needs the Valheim production station called the Artisan Table to build. Flamet ore is smelted into flametal rods, described in the game as "the pure, glowing core of a meteorite." Unlike other molten metals in Valheim, Flametal currently has no use in the game.

Unfinished Content

While Ashlands is part of Valheim's development team's roadmap going forward, it is currently incomplete. In the future, players can fight a fiery boss there, craft fireproof gear from Flametal, or even fight one of the brand new types of enemies Irongate promised, such as the Svartalfr bandits or the Munin.

While incomplete, the Ashlands are definitely worth a visit. Be sure to bring an Iron pickaxe with you; no other pickaxe can mine Flametal ore that players may want to start collecting to prepare for upcoming content. Valheim's future has a lot to look forward to, and the Ashlands are just the tip of the very hot iceberg.