Two Point Campus: How to Repair Broken Items?

Two Point Campus: How to Fix Broken Items? | Two Point Campus: How to Repair Broken Items? | Sometimes, a broken piece of equipment sits there for an entire school year. Isn't anyone responsible for fixing toilets, sinks and lecterns?

maintenance staff at Two Point Campus broken equipment ultimately tamir It is not wrong to believe that they will. However, if this was working fine, this guide would not be needed. For reasons that are not immediately obvious, janitors are often unable to solve serious problems throughout the entire school year.

This is a huge problem, especially if it's a lectern or food station. Two Point Campus'Not learning and dying of hunger are two great blessings. What is the deal? And how can players call a maintenance work to take care of the problem right away?

Repairing a Broken Object

When you come across a broken object, it's just a few clicks to reach a maintenance person! Just click on the item and put the clock on the icon in the form of a wrench. The text reads “Call Maid” and he will catch the next available janitor and tell them to hurry.

This is the same process for non-traditional "broken" objects like scented bedding. This happens naturally, as general use wears out many of the game's objects. If a student is doing this on purpose, it may be time to consider expelling the person responsible.

How to Manage Repairs Better

Repair of broken items It's quite possible to get to a place where it's done without having to interrupt anyone's routines. The simplest method is to have a team of janitors with a sufficient number of staff. broken when objects sit for too long, it's because staff are dealing with other issues like trash and fighting enemies.

For those of you who just don't like losing that much money on staff, stop the game and line up for some maintenance training. While every janitor has the ability to perform maintenance, they will be much faster when a machine teaches them how to do it.