The Witcher 3: How to Make a Bomb

The Witcher 3: How to Make a Bomb ; Bombs are one of a Witcher's vital tools that allow them to use alchemy to blind, freeze, reveal or simply detonate any monster they hunt. Here's how to make bombs…

With multiple new Witcher titles on the far horizon, many fans are revisiting CD Project RED's Witcher 3. The third game in the Witcher series is often considered one of the best RPGs of all time, with a sprawling world, an engaging story, and complex characters. . In The Witcher 3, the main character Geralt of Rivia uses steel, silver, magic and alchemy to hunt down and destroy the monsters that prey on humanity.

bombs, They are some of the most powerful alchemical tools that allow Geralt to equalize his chances against the world's deadliest and most powerful monsters. There are 3 different types of Bombs in Witcher 8, each with three levels of effectiveness. To make it all, players will need to gather not only raw materials, but also the right diagrams.

How to Make a Bomb in Witcher 3

Witcher 3At the beginning of the story of Samum, the actors only Bomb They will know the schematic. All 23 other diagrams must either be found in chests or purchased from one of the many herbs and alchemists who will trade with Geralt. After players buy the correct diagram, your bomb they can open the Alchemy tab to explore its components.

These ingredients can be herbal, chemical or mineral and can be found around the world or purchased from herbalists. Enhanced or non-Superior 8 base bombs all require some Saltpeter, so players who want to focus on getting the early bombs should make sure they collect a substantial amount of supplies. After the players have the necessary materials, the bomb to make them Witcher 3'Fame Alchemy they will be able to merge in tab. This only needs to be done once, then Geralt will of the bomb He will carry a fixed stock of it, and when he meditates he will replenish it using Pure Alcohol.

All Bombs in The Witcher 3

Each has a unique effect on enemies in The Witcher 3 8 Bombs there. bombs on PC before launch Tab or in controllers L1 must be equipped on the item wheel using bombs It allows them to switch between them and choose the ones they want. Once this is done, the Bombs will be clicked with the Middle Mouse or to R1 It can be thrown forward directly by touching it, or more precisely, it can be aimed by pressing and holding these keys.

  • Dancing Star  – Produces a fiery explosion that can ignite opponents, causing them to panic and take damage over time.
  • Devil's Puffball – Releases a long-lasting cloud of poison that deals continuous damage to all enemies remaining in the area.
  • Dimeritium Bomb - Releases a cloud of anti-magic metal dimeritium, which blocks all magic and magical abilities of The Witcher 3.
  • Dragon's Dream – It produces a cloud of combustible gas which is then Bomb or can be ignited by the Sign, producing a large fiery explosion.
  • grapeshot – Explodes spewing silver and steel strips dealing shrapnel damage to all monsters in the area of ​​effect.
  • Moon Dust– Produces a cloud of silver dust that can prevent the Witcher 3's shapeshifting monsters from shapeshifting and spawning invisible creatures.
  • Northern Wind – Unleashes a blast of cold air that can freeze or freeze enemies hard, causing them to take additional damage.
  • Simoom – Produces a bright burst of light that stuns enemies in the radius for a few seconds.

All this your bombs there are also Enhanced and Premium versions that are more complex to build but have increased effects. Crafting these enhanced versions in Witcher 3 will also increase how many copies Geralt the Bomb can hold at once.