The Sims 4: How to Review Competitors | Competitor Review

The Sims 4: How to Review Competitors Competitor Review , Defeat opponents , study mission of the sims 4 rivals ; To Examine Opponents in The Sims 4, players must first have a career as an athlete and then there are two methods of doing this task.

The Sims 4There are a variety of careers at. Athlete ve Painter Some of them were already in the base game. To others, you only need something like Interior Decorator and Critic. To the Expansion Pack available as owner. also Get to Work package players can travel with their Sims and help them complete missions while at work.

Here career, Sim It asks its players to complete a specific task that will bring their Sims one step closer to promotion. Sometimes a single job can split into two different career paths, so players need to be careful about what they choose. For example, spor divided into two options and only one of them Working Competitors task includes. Our post below explains where to find it and how to complete it.

The Sims 4: How to Review Competitors

First, the players' Sims kariyer from the list Athlete CareerThey must be made to choose. They can use the phone or any computer to do this step.

On the phone, go to the Job category (it looks like a suitcase), then select Find a Job.

A list of all currently existing jobs in The Sims 4 will appear. All that remains is to search for the Athlete Career and select it.

As for the computer, it's pretty simple. Simmers needs to click on it and select the Career option. After that, select Find a Job and search for the job you want.

Athlete (athlete) After choosing a career, players' Sims will start working as Waterpersons and their daily task will be Work Out.

After working for a while and completing daily tasks, the Sim will be promoted.

Competitor Review

Once the fourth promotion is achieved, Simmers will be given two choices; Bodybuilder ve Professional Athlete.

To get the Examine Opponents quest, players need to choose the second option.

Next, Sims players can inspect Opponents in two ways. The first is to use the computer:

  1. Go to any computer
  2. Choose the web option
  3. Choose Working Competitors

The process takes about two hours (Sims time), so players need to make sure their Sims' needs are met. Additionally, the perfect mood for this task will be Energetic. An energy drink or workout will definitely get the Sim in the right mood.

Another way is to select the Active feature from the Emotional category during Create A Sim (CAS).

As for the second technique, it is to use the television. Players just need to press the TV and the Working Opponents option will appear.

This method is more practical as Simmers can also perform other actions while watching TV.

For example, a treadmill can be placed in front of a television and a Sim can train and Inspect Opponents at the same time.