The Sims 4: How to Become a Wizard | Spellcaster

The Sims 4: How to Become a Wizard | Spellcaster; Sorcerers in The Sims 4 revolve around their ability to cast spells and make potions, similar to wizards.

Witchcraft was first used when the Occults were called Witches. The Introduced in The Sims. From now on witches, The Sims 2 ve in The Sims 3 made a comeback. Finally The Sims 4 In Realm of Magic Expansion Pack Spellcasters Published Occults.

in The Sims 4 There are many ways to create a Spellcaster. Some can be done right away, while others take time and patience. Having a Spellcaster in the family can create a more engaging gaming environment due to their special interactions and abilities.

How to Become a Wizard in The Sims 4

The Sims 4: How to Become a Wizard

Currently, a Spellcaster There are three methods for creating: CAS, inheritance, and Rite of Ascension. In Creating a Sim (CAS), Simmers can customize their Sim in any shape or form they prefer. one of them is a Spellcaster is to create.

  • To add a new Sim to the icon Just click . Next, Add Occult Sim Press and select Spellcaster. Note that Sims cannot practice Spells until they are Young.

The second method takes some time. Your Sims in The Sims 4 It's no secret that she can have children. However, what is unknown is that if a parent is an Occult, children can inherit the parent's powers.

  • Wizard There are two related results. If one parent has the powers, the child has a 50% chance of becoming one, whereas if both parents have the powers, their child Wizard will be guaranteed.

  • The third and final method, Rite of Ascension, on Glimmerbook Requires traveling through the Magical Portal. To The Magic Realm Upon arrival, players must seek one of the three Sages to perform the Rite of Ascension.
The Sims 4: How to Become a Wizard
The Sims 4: How to Become a Wizard

Simmers must complete a quest given by Sage to become a Spellcaster. The Three Sages are:

  • Simeon Silversweater, Sage of Practical Magic
  • L. Faba, Sage of Mischief Magic
  • Morgyn Ember, Sage of Untamed Magic

First, meet a Sage, then from the Friend Category Select Ask How To Use Magic. Sage gives players a set amount of time Magical Motes will offer a Elixir that allows them to see hidden creatures called .

Floating outside of Magic HQ are small, purple, glowing orbs. It's pretty hard to miss them. After collecting seven Motes, Simmers will have to give it to any Sage and they will be a Spellcaster .

If by any chance players no longer want to be a Mage, always ask a Sage to perform the Ritual. they may want . This will get your Sims back to normal.

Sorcerer Ranks

Each time players raise their rank, they can learn more advanced Spells and Potions. There are six ranks:

  • 1st Degree- Apprentice
  • Tier 2 – Beginner
  • 3rd Degree - Assistant
  • 4th Degree – Master
  • 5th Degree – Advanced Master
  • 6th Degree – Virtuoso

There are many ways to gain EXP to move up the rankings:

  • Asking a Sage to teach Spells or Potions
  • Making Magic by Clicking Spellcaster
  • Reading Books that teach Spells and Potions
  • Calling a Familiar
  • Traveling with a Broom

Casting spells can be done with a wand or hands. Potions from Purchase Mode Requires a purchasable cauldron. Wands, Bins, Brooms, and Acquaintances can be purchased by going to Caster's Alley through one of the Portals in the Magic Headquarters. Additionally, Simmers can download and download Books by clicking on a library in Headquarters. call By choosing , he will find not only Books, but sometimes a rare Familiar.

Abilities and Powers


Players will be able to teach their Sims 24 Spells and 15 Potions. These Spells are divided between three Schools; Practical, Naughty and Untamed. They can also learn Alchemy to make Potions. in The Sims 4 List of all Spells and Potions:

Okul Spells or Potions
  • copy paste
  • delicatessen
  • flowery
  • plant
  • repair
  • Scruberoo
  • transportation
  • homeward
  • Rite of Ascension
  • To Peel
  • Go mad
  • Despair
  • get very angry
  • Fall in love
  • bitten
  • make strange
  • turn into hell
  • ZipZap
  • necrocall
  • beaver
  • shrink
  • to immortalize
  • decursify
  • copy
  • Good Luck Potion
  • Magical Aura Potion
  • Potion of Nausea
  • Elixir of Agile Mind
  • Elixir of Abundant Need
  • Attractive Aura Potion
  • Emotional Balance Elixir
  • Forced Friendship Potion
  • Perk Elixir of Purification
  • Elixir of Curse Cleansing
  • Ingenious Elixir of Insult
  • Elixir of Rejuvenation
  • Elixir of Immortality
  • Quick Resurrection Potion
  • Love's Sorcerer's Elixir


Simmers, run Magic and if they want to know they've mastered the Potions, they can check their Sim's Spellbooks. A to sim click and Magic Category select, then Open Spellbook .


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