The Sims 4 How To Have Twin Babies – Twin Baby Trick

The Sims 4 How To Have Twin Babies – Twin Baby Trick ,How to Birth Twins in Sims 4? , Sims 4 twin baby cheat , Twin in The Sims 4 ; Getting a Sim pregnant in The Sims 4 is a fairly simple process, but things will be a bit more difficult if the player wants twins.

Sims 4allows players to build the life they want for their Sims. This includes everything from building the perfect Sims Cottagecore home to having as many babies per family as a player could want. While it's pretty easy to get a Sim pregnant in the game, it's much more difficult to get a Sim to have two babies.

The Sims 4In order for a family to have a baby in , they will need a romantic partner of the right gender. Players can also adopt children in the game for their Sims. However, if someone wants their Sim to naturally have twins or even triplets in their game, there are a few steps they can take to make the birth of twins or even triplets more likely.

The Sims 4 How To Have Twin Babies – Twin Baby Trick

There is a small chance that any pregnancy in The Sims 4 will result in twins; The probability of being twins is 10%, and the probability of being triplets is around 1%. But not only can they affect players' chances of conceiving a boy or a girl, they can also increase the chances of multiple births. There are three methods of increasing these numbers and obtaining these twins.

The Sims 4 Twin Baby

  • Players can purchase a Lucky Reward available for 3.000 points in the Reward Store.
  • In the Spa Day Game Pack, players can receive a Fertility Massage from a Spa.
  • Also in the Spa Day Play Pack, upgrade a Sim's wellness skill until they can Massage, then have them give a Fertility Massage to the Sim who wants twins. Players must have a massage table for this to be an option.

Currently, these are the only things players can do in The Sims 4 to increase their chances of having Sim twins or triplets unless they want to enable cheats.

How Does the Twins Cheat Work in The Sims 4?

To cheat a Sim into having two, three, four, five or even six babies at once, in The Sims 4 trickyours must be enabled. Once a Sim is pregnant, get the Sim's identity first and last. name. This can be achieved by typing:

  • sims.get_sim_id_by_name firstname lastname

After that, force additional babies using this cheat:

  • pregnancy.force_offspring_count SIM ID NUMBER OF BABIES
  • Example: pregnancy.force_offspring_count 1341302010235 5 would force Sim ID 1341302010235 to have 5 babies at the same time.
The Sims 4 Twin Baby
The Sims 4 Twin Baby

players this cheat If they've used it, it's best to let it take its natural amount of in-game time to complete the pregnancy. Putting the pregnancy rate cheat on top of the multiple birth cheat can cause problems with the game. With this, The Sims 4Pregnancy mods should work fine with this cheat.