TESLAGRAD V2.2 Full Apk – Full Version

TESLAGRAD V2.2 Full Apk – Full Version is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by Playdigious, which I need to add the current version for my teachers who love platform, adventure and puzzle games. You can find the Teslagrad v2.2 FULL APK download link in our article.

TESLAGRAD V2.2 Full Apk – Full Version

Overview Information

Application Name : Tesla degree
Publisher: Playdigion
Type : Adventure
Dimension : 284MB
Latest Version : 2.2
MOD Information: Knowledge Stones / Free Choices
Download : Google Play
Update : March 2, 2021

Your goal is to fight against your enemies, complete missions and defeat the darkness with the character with Teslamancer technology you control. Different weapons, mind-blowing puzzles, traps and more are waiting for you. In Teslagrad v2.2 version, bug fixes have been made and the number of supported devices has been increased. It is one of the games that transitions to mobile devices via STEAM. Defeating evil is at your fingertips to save the kingdom of Elektropia. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers. It is 44.99TL in Teslagrad Play Store. ENGLISH language support is available.

A hand drawn magnetic puzzle

Teslagrad is a combination of 2D platformer and puzzle solver. You play Teslamancer in the game. The kingdom of Elektropia has a famous king of autonomy who rules the kingdom with power in his hands. Technological mages created a giant Teslagrad tower in the middle of the city, but the king destroyed the cult. A dark conspiracy has emerged and Teslamancer has been swept away, you are equipped with technology and use it to overcome many strange challenges. The subject of the play is primarily visual and visual, not cutscenes or words.


Like the Diamond Rush game, you have to move around on a large map, overcome obstacles to unlock other locations and keep exploring. The door to the other screen requires you to collect tools or weapons to get through. Your character can run, jump and move in various ways to solve the requirements in the game. In some scenes, there will be enemies that just touch you and you will have to play again, so you have to control the fast movement of the Teslamancer.

Additionally, many obstacles require you to follow the situation, causing you to use more "brains" to complete through the door. The whirlwind will help you go up, so use it well to avoid enemies or dodge obstacles. The blue or red boxes will be the mechanism you will use to move it in different areas. Colors are related to game features, but here are electromagnetic forces. Be careful to avoid the white discharge, you will die. The main character is endowed with many peculiar abilities, so use these abilities accordingly.


Teslagrad is well-designed 100D shapes, images and effects with over 2 hand-painted scenes in classic Western style. Russian style m bar shot, brings a new experience, more attractive. Everything in the game is depicted most of the time, learning the story in the game will require a lot of thinking and playing. The map is huge, let's explore and explore. It won't show much in the game because you're just moving, so the minimalist display will increase the playing field that players experience.


This is a new product of Playdigion, Teslagrad has not been officially released. But it deserves to be truly experienced with the charisma of the game. Mysterious stories are waiting for you, you need to learn and explore. The game is being tested, you can pre-register for a 30% discount. Enjoy the best entertainment.

TESLAGRAD V2.2 Full Apk for Android – Download Full Version

TESLAGRAD V2.2 Full Apk – DOWNLOAD Full Version