Strive in opposition to Hordes – Idle Kings v1.0.3 (Mod Apk)

COUNT BECOME A KING Make your way to an extremely productive KING in the fun medieval sloth sport IDLE KINGS! You start out as a dependent by managing your production trails while your issues target valuables. Promote these products and take surveys as GOLD starts accumulating as much as your treasure even when you are offline! Deplete your wealth to build a rich empire and expand your kingdom by unlocking new ones. It's time to become the ultimate and richest ruler of the Heart Ages!

OVERVIEW Inspect existing traces and manufacture and make sure all parts are simply working. Invest in new talents to fill gaps and extend your income! In IDLE KINGS, you have to distribute your gold wisely and make the most efficient effort to grow your empire. Be resourceful and organized and channel your problems into a true golden age of prosperity!

KEEP THE BALANCE Wheat is grown in your fields, processed into flour and used to make bread. But producing more wheat than necessary will create unwanted stockpiles to protect you. Instead of sitting on your natural resources, you will determine to sell them directly or extend the potential of your medieval rendering websites. Be regular in balancing your production and make the ultimate deal to determine as much essential gold as imaginable! The more gold you recover, the richer and more influential you will be in IDLE KINGS!

LEADERSHIP Loot Is it essential to be busy or even not be able to play IDLE KINGS?
Fear not, your problems are working again! Even when you are no longer actively exploring the Heart Ages, the amount of wealth in your treasury is constantly increasing. When you start the sport right now, you will save an astronomical amount of gold to invest and further strengthen your kingdom! Become a regular ruler and use your gold in your favor.

In Ages of the Heart, you have an effect that grows with each step you set: Move your region to the surrounding provinces better, which gives you different things to make new consumer goods. Identify in every corner of the kingdom!
And maybe the fulfillment of your plans can take a little too long a choice: How about a time warp? Long speed is just a click away at IDLE KINGS.

Become a great KING and aim for a prosperous and thriving empire! Lush meadows, historical buildings and hundreds of entertainment await you in Ages of Heart with IDLE KINGS!
Idle Kings - Welcome to the Middle Ages
Idle Kings - Welcome to the Middle Ages
Idle Kings - Welcome to the Middle Ages
Idle Kings - Welcome to the Middle Ages
Idle Kings - Welcome to the Middle Ages

1. Unlimited Diamonds (use as you wish even if you don't have enough)

Installation Steps:
1. Win the Playstore model
2. Install the Mod APK
3. Skills


Hordes – Idle Kings v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – Fight against DRIVE LINK

Hordes – Idle Kings v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – Fight against FILE LINK

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