Stardew Valley: All Golden Nut Locations

Stardew Valley: All Golden Nut Locations ; Where to find the Golden Walnut on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley?

Finding the golden walnuts, new Stardew Valley an important part of the update and Ginger IslandRevealing its secrets. Here are where players can find 130 golden walnuts.

What is Golden Walnut?

golden walnut is the currency of parrots on Ginger Island, a new island introduced in the Stardew Valley Version 1.5 update. To unlock the Qi's Room in Stardew Valley, players will first need to find 100 golden walnuts around the island, but these can be exchanged for Qi Gems. Qi Gems can be exchanged for special rewards such as recipes, golden eggs, magic bait, and Galaxy Spirits. A total of 116 gold is required to unlock all rewards in Qi's shop.

Parrot's Golden Walnut Tips

Players should start hunting for the Golden Walnut, where Stardew Valley hides, by visiting Leo's cabin on the east side of Ginger Island. Follow the young boy Leo, who escaped when the player first arrived on the island. On the next screen in the forest, a tree in a Golden Walnut clearly found and should be given to the parrot on the next screen to the north inside Leo's hut. Later, this parrot will give the player more Golden Walnut It can also give tips on finding it. The parrot is different every day Golden Walnut Stardew ValleyIt will give you a vague clue as to where to find his hiding place.

However, the parrot in Leo's cabin will only provide clues for 130 out of the maximum 123 golden walnuts found on Ginger Island. Parrot will not provide tips for the following golden walnut locations, all of which are mentioned in this guide:

  • A Golden Walnut puzzle found inside the Gem Bird shrine, in the bushes in the eastern region
  • Exchange Bananas for three Golden Walnuts on an altar outside Leo's hut
  • Winning the Darts Game in Pirate's Cove that yields three Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnut is Found Everywhere

Total ubiquitous Golden Walnuts: six

There are some Golden Nuts on Ginger Island that are not tied to a particular region.

  • Five Nuts can be found randomly while fishing anywhere (one at a time)
  • The first time the player unlocks Clint, Golden Coconut will result in Golden Nuts.

Stardew Valley: All Golden Nut Locations

Ginger Island East

Total Golden Walnuts in this area: 11

Apart from the first Golden Nut mentioned above, the eastern part of Ginger Island contains a handful more:

  • One is in the tree in Leo's cabin. Hit it with the ax to release
  • A Banana can be exchanged for a gorilla by placing it on the altar next to Leo's ladder. This will give three Golden Walnuts
  • On the way to the Gem Birds shrine puzzle, a Golden Walnut is found in the bushes at the southernmost end of the screen.
  • As for the Jewel Birds puzzle, five more Golden Walnuts can be revealed by completing a puzzle through a hidden path further east on the east side. On rainy days, a random bird will appear all over the island and leave a gem, and this stone should be taken to this puzzle and placed on its respective altar, depending on which island region the gem was obtained from: north, south, east or west . The rank and gems are randomly distributed for each save file, so the guides will not explain the answer. This puzzle will result in five Golden Walnut prizes.


Stardew Valley: Golden Walnut Locations

Ginger Island West

Total Golden Walnuts in this area: 52

A number of puzzles can be completed in this area to find more Golden Nuts on Ginger Island:

  • Pirate's Wife's mission to complete, Stardew Valley will give five Walnuts as a reward to the player
  • Gourmand Frog will ask the player to harvest a Melon, Wheat and Garlic in this order for a total of 15 Golden Walnuts.
  • In a cave north of Tiger Slime Grove, a Simon Says puzzle yielded three Golden Walnuts
  • Hitting a mole creature on the beach will deliver a single Walnut.

Additionally, some Golden Nuts on Ginger Island West can be found through actions rather than specific guaranteed locations.

  • Defeating Slimes in Tiger Slime Grove results in a random Golden Walnut (once only)
  • Harvest crops can sometimes yield a Walnut (up to five)
  • Digging the mussel rocks south of the Ginger Island farm will open up five more Golden Walnuts (one may drop randomly)

New Stardew Valley General exploration around your island will also yield Golden Walnuts. On Ginger Island East, they can be found at:

  • A Golden Walnut is found in the shipwreck
  • Many Walnuts can be found by digging certain places:
    • A Log Scrap (#6) can be found on the beach south of the farmhouse. In the southeast part, there is a point where a curved palm tree emerges from the surface of the cliff. Digging this top right corner will yield a Golden Walnut
    • There is also a square of different looking grass behind a Mahogany Tree. In the middle tile, the player can dig for the Golden Walnut
    • On the beach near the farmhouse, a triangular blue starfish can be found among some wood piles. Dig the center of the starfish for the Golden Walnut
    • Next to the tide pools on the beach is a diamond made of blue and yellow starfish. The Golden Walnut can be found by digging in the middle.
    • There is also an X in the sand near the tide pools. Dig here for walnuts
    • To the southwest of the tide pools, just across from the waterline, there are some tracks that look like indentations in the sand. A Golden Walnut can be mined from the center
    • Digging the sand behind Birdie's hut will produce Golden Walnuts and Quality Bobbers
    • To the east of the Parrot Express station is a diamond made of stones. Dig the center for walnuts
  • There are also a lot of shrubs with walnuts on them. Shaking them will release Walnuts:
    • Outside of Qi's Walnut Room, there is a walnut bush.
    • The Walnut Room of Past Qi is a semi-hidden path along the cliff water. At the end is a walnut bush
    • Hidden behind a Mahogany Tree in Tiger Slime Grove is a Walnut bush.
    • There is a Golden Walnut in a bush to the west of the farmhouse (may be hidden behind a taller palm tree)
    • If the player crosses the bridge west of the Parrot Express, there is a woodland to the south hiding a Walnut bush.
    • To the east of the river, just south of the aforementioned bridge, is a Walnut bush stuck in the road.
    • Right next to the stone diamond is a secret path through the trees. There is a walnut bush at the end of the road
    • To the east of Tiger Slime Grove is a narrow path that wraps around the upper cliff and has several curved palm trees on it. Follow to the end to find the Golden Walnut bush

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Ginger Island North

Total Golden Walnuts in this area: 28

This region Stardew Valley This is where Volcano Dungeon is located, but that will be listed below as its own section. Apart from the Golden Nuts found by entering the Volcano, the locations of the rest on Ginger Island North are:

  • Six can be found by completing the Big Animal fossil at the Island Field Office.
  • Snake fossil can be completed for three walnuts
  • Donating a Mummified Frog will yield another Walnut
  • The last fossil in the Island Field Office, the Mummified Bat, will yield another.
  • The Island Field Office has two island survey challenges. Each yields a Walnut (answers: 22 purple flowers, 18 purple starfish)
  • Using a slingshot on the tree protruding from the side of the Volcano (on the Parrot Express) will knock down a Walnut.
  • There are some walnut bushes around the area:
    • From a secret path west of the Volcano
    • Hidden behind a palm tree southeast of the volcano
    • North of the Excavation Site, up the stairs, over the cliff (it has a secret path) and the rope bridge (there are two bushes here)
    • From the Excavation Site up the stairs and west of the bridge spanning the river
    • West through a hidden gap in the trees just in front of Island Trader
  • Log scrap #10 will lead to a digable point located southwest of the Volcano's entrance in the bend of a curved palm tree. This will yield an Ostrich Egg and a Nut
  • There are also other excavation points in this region, with up to seven walnuts:
    • Just inside the entrance to Ginger Island to the north from the main beach, in the middle of some rocks that form a circle on the left
    • On the gravel flat in the far northwest facing the ocean where Leo sometimes hangs out
    • In a circle of stones and vegetation east of the Volcano entrance (top and left sides of “circle” are Volcano wall and some bushes; right and bottom of “circle” are large, flat rocks)
    • In a stone circle north of the Excavation Site, up the stairs
    • Just inside the entrance to North Ginger Island from the main beach is a grassy place with palm trees and a patch of sand. dig in the sand
    • In a diamond made of flowers in the middle of a grassy field, again just inside Ginger Island North's entrance from the main beach.
    • Southeast of the Island Field Office, inside a square-like shape made of slightly discolored sand (this can be hard to spot)

Volcano Dungeon

Total Golden Walnuts in this area: 21 (19 inside, two outside)

Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley It is one of the top locations for Golden Walnut, especially now that many other locations are already sold out. Inside the Volcano Dungeon There are a total of 19 Golden Walnuts and can be found in various forms:

  • A total of 17 Golden Walnuts can be found in the volcano by opening chests, mining and defeating monsters randomly (one by one).
  • There is a Quarry at the top level of the Volkan. There are also two bushes here, one at the entrance and one at the exit. There is a walnut in each

Additionally, there are two Walnuts found outside the Volcano, but can only be found by walking through:

  • Inside the dungeon's main entrance with the lava river, the player can pour the watering can over the magma to create a bridge. Continuing this process westward along the lava river, they can reach an exit from the Volkan with two Walnut bushes.

Stardew Valley: Golden Walnut Locations

Ginger Island South

Total Golden Walnuts in this area: 12

The last handful of Golden Walnuts can only be found in the area southeast of the main beach, accessible after the player has built the Resort. Yet there is one in this region that can be found before this point.

This Walnut can be found before the plant is built:

  • Enter Ginger Island North, then take a sharp right. Although the clue parrot at Leo's sees him in the North, technique To find a Walnut bush located in Ginger Island South, traverse a secret path hidden by a large bright green tree.

The remaining 11 Walnuts in this area can only be obtained after building the Island Resort:

  • On rainy days, a mermaid appears on a rock in the ocean. By completing the puzzle with it, the player will get five Walnuts.
  • Fishing in the middle of a star-shaped tide pool will result in Walnuts.
  • The beach in this area has a diamond shape made of yellow starfish. Dig the center for walnuts
  • After 20.00 PM on non-rainy nights, Pirate Cove will be suitably full of pirates. By playing darts against them, the player can win up to three Golden Walnuts (one per win)
  • Also inside Korsan Bay, to the right of the lagoon, there is a piece of sand in the middle of some barrels. Dig here for walnuts


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