Stardew Valley: How to Feed Chickens

Stardew Valley: How to Feed Chickens ;Chickens are some of the first animals players can get in Stardew Valley, but it can be a little confusing as to how to feed these birds.

Stardew Valley: How to Feed Chickens

Stardew ValleyThere are many different animals that players can breed in . Above all, chickensThe , is most likely the first animal in the game for many players, due to the relative cheapness of a chicken-only coop.

Stardew Valleyin chickens produce eggs and large eggs. The size and quality of these eggs depends on the happiness of each hen; this is affected by whether the player is fed and kept warm and by pets.

But feeding chickens can be a mystery to newcomers to the game.


Stardew Valley: How to Feed Chickens


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Since the product quality of chickens is highly dependent on whether they are fed or not, it is very important for players to actively feed them. Fortunately, players have two different foods on Stardew Valley farms for chickens to eat, both with a good supply.

First thing chickens eat grassis By grass, that doesn't mean hard plants that players can't cross unless they cut with a scythe, but it's long, soft grass that players can cut as well. However, to eat it, players will need to take the chickens out of their coop.

To open a poultry house or a farm building containing any animals, players must stand outside the farm building. Next to the door that players use to enter the building, a vertical door that can be opened with a right-click or any button is mapped to the players' secondary action. This will allow the animals to leave the building. However, animals will not leave the building at night in Stardew Valley if it rains or during the winter season. This also means that they will not eat grass.

Chicken feed other option for samanis. Hay from Marnie can be purchased for 50g each or harvested from grass using a scythe. However, players can only collect hay from grass if they have an unfilled silo. Silos can be built like any farm building via Robin.

To feed the chickens their hay, players will need to place the hay in the feeders at the back of the coop. Players, Stardew Valley If they want to use straw from the silos on their farm, they can get it from the straw bin in the upper left corner of the pile. Extra straw from this box can also be put back into the silo.

An automatic hay feeder will be added when players upgrade their coop to deluxe coop. This means that as long as there is straw in the silos, the straw will be automatically placed in the chutes.




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