Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Hardwood | Timber

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Hardwood How is Stardew Valley lumber made? , stardew valley timber ; hardwood, Stardew Valley'is also a resource that players must craft various buildings, upgrades, and craftable items.

Stardew ValleyWhile regular wood is fine for many early game projects in ., players will soon realize they need Hardwood for many different things. Unlike normal wood, timber it cannot usually be found or harvested by cutting down trees, making it somewhat difficult to find.

Fortunately, as more updates come to Stardew Valley, timber Added more methods to get it. This came with more recipes looking for this resource, making it even more important for players to collect it whenever possible.

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Hardwood

Timber While some methods of obtaining it do not require any Ax upgrades, players are still advised to upgrade their axes as much as possible.

It can be obtained by shaking or chopping Mahogany Trees, digging a Mahogany Seed that has fallen from a fully grown Mahogany Tree, or by cutting down any other source of Hardwood. They can also be obtained from Golden Coconuts on Ginger Island or dropped by Slimes in Secret Woods. Players can also exchange a stingray for Mahogany Seed with the Island Merchant.

Consistently the best place to find Big Logs, Hidden Forest located in the northwest corner of Cindersap Forestis . It contains six Great Logs that respawn daily, allowing players to receive twelve Hardwood shards each day. Players must first cut the Big Log blocking the path to the forest. As mentioned earlier, players will need at least a Steel Ax to do this.

Big Logs and Big Logs can also be found on players' farms when they first start Stardew Valley. However, these do not respawn when players remove them, but Hardwoods can still be used.

Players should note that while Hardwood is an invaluable resource, it is not a good gift for most Stardew Valley villagers. The only villager to have Hardwood as a liked item is Robin, which all other villagers have as disliked.