Stardew Valley Sturgeon Guide and Tips

Stardew Valley Sturgeon Guide and Tips , Where to Catch Stardew Valley Sturgeon ? ; A Sturgeon to capture, HIt is the first step to become the king of avyar.

One of the most valuable fish in Stardew Valley Sturgeon , but not for the direct selling price. Instead, Sturgeon can be placed in a Fish Pond to produce Roe, which can then be used to craft the always valuable Caviar.

A Caviar If you don't want to be the king,Stardew Valley Sturgeon  You can also sell directly, because they are one of the most valuable fish in the game. Stardew Valley Sturgeon FishThere are other uses of the i in the game as well, all of which will be summarized here.

Stardew Valley Sturgeon Guide and Tips

Stardew Valley Sturgeon Where is it caught?

Stardew Valley Sturgeon

Sturgeon's Caviar Before you start using it to produce or any of its other uses, you must first catch one.

Head to the mountain lake just northeast of town. This is the only place Sturgeon can be caught. In Summer and Winter, you can catch sturgeon here between 6 am and 7 pm.

Weather doesn't matter, as Sturgeon can be caught in any weather. But it is more common on rainy days in the summer. Moving away from shore (possible with higher Fishing skill) also increases your chances of finding one.

Magic Bait is a new item added in update 1.5. It allows you to catch fish in any season, time or weather conditions in the location you use. This will allow you to catch Sturgeon any time of the year in any weather, but greatly increases the potential fish pond and lowers your chances a bit. They're not so uncommon on rainy summer days, so this is probably your best bet.

Sturgeon is somewhat difficult to catch, although not the hardest. Improving your fishing skill will increase the size of the mini fishing rod, making fishing much easier. Note: The Training Stick cannot catch sturgeon. Some tackle can also make catching a sturgeon easier. Trap Bobbers and Cork Bobbers make the minigame so much easier.

On Wednesdays, Krobus will stock a random fish from its list of 10 (or a Magnet). One of these possible fish is the Sturgeon, so if you're not a very good angler, check the stock of Krobus every Wednesday.

How to Make a Fish Pond?

Stardew Valley Sturgeon
Stardew Valley Sturgeon

Caviar If you want to start breeding you will need a Fish Pond to house your Sturgeon. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to make. Local carpenter Robin is happy to make you a carpenter if you bring him some cash and the right supplies.

To build a Fish Pond, bring Robin the following: 5.000 gold, 200 stones, five seaweed and five green algae.

Fish Ponds are 5×5 tiles and take two days for Robin to build. Once it is built, you can place a fish in which it will happily swim.

Over time, the fish will spawn up to a total of 10 per pond. When there is a certain number of fish, they will ask you for something to multiply even more. The number is different for each species, but we'll look specifically at Sturgeon.

Your first Sturgeon will ask for a Diamond. Then, a new Sturgeon will appear every four days. When there are three in the pond, they will either want a jar of Jelly (any kind), two pitchers of Maple Syrup, or a jar of Pickles (any kind). They will ask you for three Omni Geodes on the five fish in the pond. Finally, once you have seven Sturgeons they will ask you for a Nautilus Shell.

While most fish species have a list of what they can produce in a Fish Pond, Sturgeon will only produce Roe. They will produce one or two every day, and some days there is no chance of producing anything.

If you have different fish in different ponds, you can put a mark on them to show the species. You can also change the ornamental details of the pond by clicking the “change appearance” option in the Fish Pond menu.

All About Caviar

Sturgeon All types of Roe Deer except Roe Deer can be placed in a Protection Jar to spawn Aged Roe. Sturgeon Roe will turn into Caviar.

A Conservation Jar will take 6.000 in-game minutes to transform a Sturgeon Roe into Caviar, which is roughly four in-game days (time is different at night).

Caviar, sells 500g at base price. However, if you have the Craftsman profession, it will sell for 700g. If you decide to eat it, it restores 175 energy and 78 health. also Jason, Sebastian ve Vincent It's an almost universally liked item (which gives you 45 friend points on a regular day), liked by every villager except one.

If you complete the Community Hub, shortly after unlocking the Missing Pack, you will unlock the Movie Theater upon completion. You have a choice of what to use for this Pack, but Caviar is one of the options.

Finally, if you're feeling fancy, to create the Fashion Hat. its caviar You can place a Cloth on the reel of Emily's sewing machine (or on your own reel if you opened it with the correct Special Order).

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Caviar

Stardew Valley Sturgeon Other Uses For

Stardew Valley Sturgeon
Stardew Valley Sturgeon

While creating caviar is the most profitable way to use Sturgeon, it's not its only purpose. Only if you decide to sell, 200g they sell it at the base price (normal quality without Fishing professions). An iridium-quality sturgeon sold by someone with both the fisher and Angler profession bonuses, a beautiful 600g will sell for it.

However, as the base price of Caviar is 500g, Sturgeon It is much more profitable to place the fish in a Fish Pond, even after taking into account the price of the pond, rather than selling it directly.

While fancy Fashion Hats can be created from Caviar, those seeking a more blue-collar look can bring a Sturgeon and some Fabric into a sewing machine to create a Fish Vest. There are also some recipes that call for any fish that can be sturgeon if you like. These include Maki Rolls, Sashimi and Quality Fertilizer. But since you can use any fish for these, you should probably use something cheaper or more common.

You will need a Sturgeon to complete the Lake Fish Pack at the Community Center in the Fish Tank Pack set.

Finally, if you have an extra sturgeon and you don't want to sell them, give them to Willy! One of Willy's favorite gifts gets you 80 friendship points on a regular day.


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