What is Stardew Valley Crop Fairy? | Crop Fairy

What is Stardew Valley Crop Fairy? | Crop Fairy ; Stardew Valley isn't all about farming. Also, you can visit a player's farm. Crop Fairy It has some magic in its shape.

Stardew Valley'The gameplay is based on growing crops and expanding the farm, but some features imply that the game's universe is full of magical powers. Fighting slime in the mines, hunting the Witch in your swamp, and meeting the wizard with Junimos is proof of something supernatural.

Some of these supernatural features are dark and evil, like the creatures discovered in the mines and the Skull Cave, but some can be surprisingly useful to farmers trying to keep their farms running, especially early in the game. One of the most useful magical beings in Stardew Valley is the Crop Fairy.

Stardew Valley: What is the Crop Fairy?

Who is the Crop Fairy?

While the Crop Fairy has an identity related to the sorcerer Rasmodius, the game never actually tells players who the Crop Fairy might be. Crop Fairyis just one of many creatures in the game. It includes some random events that players can witness after spending another day on their farm.

But just like the Witch, she has a similar gameplay feature where her appearance will bring some changes to the player's farm. In that sense, he's a good creature and, considering the odds of seeing him appear, it's pretty lucky to witness his arrival.

When Does the Crop Fairy Appear?

Speaking of looks, the chance of the Crop Fairy random event happening is pretty low. Most random events have extremely low probabilities, even lower than the appearance of the Crop Fairy, which has a 1% chance of being on the farm.

There are two conditions for its emergence: It must be a season other than winter and it must not rain. This means that the Crop Fairy can only affect crops planted outdoors and not greenhouse crops all year round.

What Does the Crop Fairy Do?

Crop Fairy It is an extremely powerful random event. If it happens successfully, that is, all weather and seasonal requirements are met, and the player's farm has crops suitable for his magic, the crops affected by it will fully mature the next morning.

What makes a crop fit for its magic? These crops should be placed in a 5 by 5 tiled area and not yet fully mature. Moreover, the crop in the middle of this sphere of influence cannot be a Wild Seed. It is possible that the event will take the form of a nocturnal cutscene, but nothing really happens if a suitable space is not found. Alternatively, if a full 5 by 5 tile area is not found by the fairy, it is possible that only one crop will be affected by the event.