Stardew Valley: Lost and Found Box

Stardew Valley: Lost and Found Box ;After Update 1.5, the newest update for Stardew Valley, there is now a Lost and Found box added to the game as a quality of life change.

Stardew Valley It's still being updated regularly, and the latest update has added several helpful quality-of-life changes. The Stardew Valley 1.5 update has added something called the Lost and Found box that will be useful to most players.

Stardew Valley: Lost and Found Box

Lost and Found Box

Used by the player to collect items that are somehow "lost". In the box, players can find items delivered for a failed special order, items left behind at the Stardew Valley Fair's grange exhibit, children's hats that turn into pigeons, and items for offline players. Players can even find some quest items and vehicles that are lost while playing.

Previously, some items were left by President Lewis on a player's bed while he was asleep, but some of these items could not be retrieved. Finally, Stardew Valley players can now save just about anything.

Box Location

Luckily, it's now easy to find the Lost Property box and retrieve lost items. Players can find the Lost and Found box inside Mayor Lewis' home. Once inside, the main room is located on the opposite side from the front door. It looks like a brown box with a question mark at the top. Here is the location of the Mayor's Mansion:

Stardew Valley: Lost and Found Box

The fact that the box is so accessible and easy to find is great for gamers, especially newbies. Losing tools and essential items is one of the biggest mistakes new players make when starting Stardew Valley. However, this will help players of all levels; There's a reason players have been wanting a Lost and Found box almost since Stardew Valley was released.

To get any item back, players simply need to go to the President's Mansion and then use the interaction button on the box. All missing items suitable for the box will be found within the day after they are lost.

Not Yet Mobile

As this is a feature of Stardew Valley Update 1.5, players will not be able to access Lost and Found Box on Android or iOS. Update 1.5 was released on PC in December 2020 and consoles this week, but has yet to reach mobile devices. A timeline for its release is yet to appear, so for now mobile Stardew Valley players will have to be patient to get all the new features and quality of life updates.